Vodafone Will Also Have The Bulk of Second Division Matches

Similar to the past summer, this time also It is touching us talk of televised football. From the farewell of Canal +, Spanish competitions operators offer the main options to see through its pay television offer, although it is expected that this season we also have an option of payment via internet.

And while offers of operators are defining, because while we already met the first official prices promotions are going to be happening, we will also know which parties will see on every platform. The League had already confirmed that Orange and telecable would have channel LaLiga 1l2l3 TV, responsible for issue 10 parties from second division live by day, and today we know that Vodafone is added to that list of operators.

Last season the second Division was exclusive Movistar +, but the auction of the bulk of the category of silver from Spanish soccer rights for the 2016/17 was deserted. Due to the lack of interest shown by companies, the LFP decided to create its own channel, Ligue 1 | 2 | 3 TV, own production. And the way to monetize it has been selling it to traders, without exclusive.

And we already know that the 10 Parties that will live and exclusive that channel you will see from Vodafone, In addition to Orange and telecable, for the next few seasons. Us be clear only two doubts, following the announcement of the agreement between League and operator: would have these parties Movistar? Will it have Vodafone with best first and second party whose rights are held by Movistar? We will soon know.