Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum, Analysis: The White Range of The Operators Also Want Your Hollow

We return to the table of analysis by terminal recently and that follows the precepts of generations, but with a subtle difference. The new Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum plant before us as a white-label built by Alcatel in the image and likeness of his Idol 4s, but this time the operator is higher.

It’s a device designed to be marketed only under the brand of the operator and also adds a value to the original terminal, fingerprint reader that isn’t in the Idol 4s while already leaked some to another photograph of original models with this option. After submitting it to a deep analysis, these are our conclusions.

Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum, technical data

As discussed, the Smart Platinum 7 is built in the image and likeness of the Idol Alcatel 4s, but before beginning the in-depth analysis it will be better that we are familiar with their technical specifications. Let’s see what has placed its manufacturer in the interior of this smartphone built for the Red operator.

Front camera8 megapixel f/2.3

Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum
Screen 5.5 inch QHD AMOLED
534 pixels per inch
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 652
Nuclei 8-core (4xA72, 4xA53) 1, 8 GHz
GPU Adreno 510
Memory 32GB
I 6.0 Android Marshmallow
Connectivity LTE, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, reader of fingerprints
Battery 3,000 non-removable mAh
Rear camera 16 Megapixel f/2.0, flash Dual Tone, phase detection
Other Dual SIM, microUSB 2.0
Dimensions and weight 154 x 75.7 x 7 mm
155 grams
Current price 355 euros

With these features you must add that we we have a device that Vodafone sold 355 euros, at present, being able to buy it without any type of tie, something that makes it ideal even for take it to another carrier because we also speak of a free terminal. That said, we proceed to put on our glasses of analysts and is the beginning.

Design and materials, sober and resistant

We have a terminal built to be robust, with an aesthetic that will collide us a bit, above all by the lace of 5.5 inch screen within the framework of dark gray almost black and Matt at the beginning. Thanks to be Super AMOLED as so Blacks are combined with own frame, with a light silver bead, giving a feeling that the terminal is a little more narrow than it is with their 75.7 mm wide and its 7 mm thick.


Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum


OnePlus 3

Meizu MX6

Screen 5.5 inch 5.3 inch 5.5 inch 5.5 inch
Dimensions 154 x 75.7 x 7 mm 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7 mm 152.7 x 7.4 x 74.7 mm 151.7 x 75 x 7.9 mm
Weight 155 grams 159 grams 158 grams 175 grams

Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum is a terminal unibody so We can forget to remove the battery to replace it. The microSD and SIM two tab is at the top of the left side, with a small, dedicated camera button and leaving the rest of the side clean. On the opposite side, the power button and the volume, although the first little use it because Smart Platinum 7 has the unlock with the fingerprint.

A small criticism at this point, based on very personal tastes, to the election of the top to place the jack for headphones. There will be those who prefer it there and there will be those who, like me, prefer down to facilitate the introduction of mobile in the Pocket. On the contrary, down to the right side, we find the microUSB 2.0 port. Fast loading, other added useful but only work with its own charger.

The terminal would be grateful to inherit the color of the Idol card 4s to thus highlight your design

What does then the front? With all the buttons on the sides and in the back, where there is also a fingerprint reader that could have been a little deeper to help locate by touch, the front is completely clean. Two black stripes frame your screen up and down. leaving the final size in 154 mm. A sober and elegant terminal and whose weight, 155 grams, conveys much security.

There are drawbacks, of course. We are talking about a smartphone that can only be found in black and is also coated glass, not only at the front but also in the rear. Build it only black seems to be a defect, and it is precisely because its model base, the Idol 4s, it gives us more options and won’t it would have been difficult to adopt them all for Vodafone catalogue.

The choice of glass for the back is grey and is precisely because it is a material atrapahuellas that it is difficult to have completely brilliant that it becomes a slippery mobile. At this point We would have preferred a metal terminal or one with a plastic rear lid, but it’s something more based on tastes to mere practicality. Just a comment for who wants to have its always shiny smartphone.

The AMOLED screen is more and more present

Occasionally comes a technology that displaces the previous ones, taking more or less time depending on various factors. AMOLED will crowd out the LCD in the mobile is a reality more and more models who opt for Samsung technology, especially now that their problems of “burnt” will be thing of the past. The Idol 4s is one of those terminals and, consequently, the Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum inherits the decision of Alcatel.

Platinum 7-Smart has a Super AMOLED panel of 5.5 inch QHD resolution. This means provide us 534 pixels per inch in terms of density and a great liveliness and warmth in their colours that we can also vary, since AMOLED screens tend to be integrated with a small menu of settings to decide the color temperature. That menu is missing in Smart Platinum 7.

With this density screen it is very difficult to appreciate the screen pixels, more fussy that we can be, and the truth is that their impact on the battery is not too high, although already there will be time to talk about autonomy. Of course, not everything on the screen of the Smart Platinum 7 is to talk about color but also features.

I must thank Alcatel that you care so much details for using your smartphone and Vodafone which have chosen the Idol 4s as a basis for the Platinum 7

The power button is placed in a quite comfortable place but goes to second place as soon as we get used to unlock with your finger. There is no doubt that directly use the fingerprint reader If you have configured security in the home is more comfortable in every day. Matter of taste, of course, but all in the service of comfort from that of Smart Platinum 7.

Vodafone model screen It also defends well outdoors, still visible even with the Sun directly affecting it by what we can use it in all kinds of situations. Here perhaps it does effect the glass and is the layer oleofuga can play any dirty trick to see the footprints and offer us shine at certain times. Nothing that it is not resolved frontandola against the chest in a second, but it is something that should be noted.

Difficult to stick Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum panel, its manufacturer has done a great job

As for the other features, are facing a screen with good angles of view and automatic management of the brightness quite good and fast. Few drawbacks can put you to the screen of this Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum, which continues to accumulate details to obtain a new final note. The screen is not at odds on the set of the smartphone.

The performance, a processor of height

Do not let go Terminal through our hands and all of them are still reaffirming us in something, Snapdragon 652 is one of the chips with best value energy power/economy I have tried so far, keeping your devices to very high level and making us forget the need to aim at a high end in our shopping.

We cannot say that you pay to the level of a Snapdragon 820 but everything in the 652 perfectly fulfills, insert it into the heart of this Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum seems a success and he has shown us in the use of every day, with a very smooth and fast multitasking management, both at times of maximum demand with games engines such as Unity and similar.

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Vodafone Smart
Platinum 7

Meizu Pro 6

Sony Xperia X

Huawei P9

Processor Snapdragon 652 Helium X 25 Snapdragon 650 Kirin 955
AnTuTu 83.262 99.702 78.204 97.406
single / multi
1.524 / 5.018 1.959 / 5.586 1.503 / 3.830 1.779 / 6.491
3DMark 18.147 14.903 17.305 15.766

We do not tire of saying that It is difficult to put real objections to this Smart Platinum 7 but it is the truth, a few days until we are accustomed to all of their settings and design and we will feel at home. Terminal power puts much of its part, allowing us to do everything without hardly a restriction.

Everything is consistent and we soon forget that we do not face a top

Vodafone model fingerprint reader is fast and, above all, not compels us to press any button to use it as they do Apple and Samsung on their devices, recognizable examples. We can unlock your phone with the locked screen with only support the finger on the reader at a very good speed. As mentioned before, the reader could be a little deeper to make it easier to locate it but in the few breakouts we are accustomed to it.

The system, with bloatware but not too much

It is what happens with the terminal operators, who usually arrive full of applications installed by the company and that would be not there purchase the original models. Thus, the Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum also has them but with one caveat, You can uninstall them all except for two. It is not a consolation but it is a plus to clean mobile, the closest thing to a Nexus that we can.

Thus, once you have configured the terminal from scratch we can remove all apps unnecessary operator if you want, although we drag Start, for example, the app that Vodafone introduces us to the use of the smartphone. Moreover, it is a pretty clean terminal and with a look very similar to a phone with Android AOSP. We will appreciate Marshmallow in every detail and only with extra additives such as the dual SIM management. The section of the system is passed with good note.

Autonomy, to get to the night without problems

We arrived at one of the key points that decanted over one purchase, or make the user prefers other mobile who also enters your budget: autonomy. It is true that there are users who do not pay much interest in the hours of use of your smartphone but arriving home at the end of the day the mobile is on It is something important, and Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum with no problems.

Between 4 and 5 hours of screen to Smart Platinum 7, although the average is closer to 5 hours

We have tested the Smart Platinum 7 different performance tests but, above all, to the day to day. Long hours under 4G, listen to music, take pictures and play some game. Use great messaging and social networks, of course. The most common uses of a smartphone today, and the result we have obtained is that of an average of between 4.5 and 5 hours of screen with very few differences.

To continue to add good words, the 652 Snapdragon smartphone from Vodafone and Alcatel offers fast charging. Specifically it is the Quick Charge 3.0 that allows us to have their 3,000 mAh loaded in about an hour and a half. In addition, in the first 40 minutes we loaded almost 80% of the phone, and can then separate it from the charger to carry it back to the street. That Yes, prepare yourselves for a bit of extra temperature when charging for mobile gets warm.

The camera, strong point

The camera is another of the strong points of the phone. The rear sensor provided by Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum is 16 megapixels and we shoot with opening f/2.0 having our service details such as the auto focus detection phase, the panorama mode or recording video in 4 K resolution. And if you are of those who use flash also have a built-in Dual Tone flash, a very tasty set in your price range.

The capture of photographs with Platinum 7 is quick and simple, your software puts us pretty easy things thus has an automatic mode on by default and a manual mode that we can activate whenever you want. In manual mode you can adjust the focus, decide the ISO and even control the overall exposure of the photograph. Everything you need for which is more hands in the photographic field and want to go a step beyond Auto mode.

The photographs are of very good quality with good light both in the absence of it, and we have to be in an environment with little lighting so that it begins to appear the inevitable noise of these photographs with the ISO very forced, poorly lit interiors or exteriors at night. Will not find the best mobile camera made so far in the Vodafone phone but yields a level high, will be satisfied.

For the front sensor, the favorite for lovers of the selfies, snaps in Snapchat and video-conferencing, Alcatel has mounted 8 megapixel camera with Aperture f/2.3 and quality 2K video recording. In addition we will have different filters for the beauty mode. As rear sensor, by default it comes configured to capture shots in 4:3 but you can change it to 16:9 then lowering the resolution to 6 Megapixels (from 16 to 12 in the rear camera).

Note that Smart Platinum 7 has a good macro but at very short distances has a problem than another when it comes to focusing, solving if we focus objects with clear points to fix it. As we said, have with a manual mode with which to control the approach in these demanding times so we will save the ballot in all situations.

The camera included in the Platinum 7 Smart application is also quite good, superior to that found in the mobile Nexus, for example, that use Google camera app. Among all the options that we offer you will find everything pretty accessible, a couple of touches of the screen distance as soon as we habituemos us to the interface. You can also enjoy of an HDR mode to, honestly, don’t take photos much better than normal auto mode. Its usefulness is not very remarkable.

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Have we said since the Smart Platinum 7 records video in slow motion? We said that not a detail was missing and not lied to you. Slow-motion video is not recorded then in 4K but low till the FullHD but is practical if we want to go a bit beyond the typical video to record a visit or holiday. Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum certainly has a great camera for the segment in which it moves. We leave you with a photo gallery that you may prove the results for yourselves.

The sound, which is higher than the average

We could not finish this analysis of the Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum, and in particular of its paragraph multimedia, without making a special mention to their sound. We speak of a set of stereo speakers placed in context and they sent the sound toward the front of the terminal. Something so logical as little seen.

If the sound of Smart Platinum 7 was not sufficiently powerful and sharp, we also have the Maxx Audio Equalizer

The sound of Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum is pretty good through your headphone jack and also features with the help of MaxxAudio, the sound system of the terminal that is associated with an application within the own settings on the phone. This configuration will allow us to use automatic settings or you can define them to our own liking, changing the treble, stereo balance, bass or reverberation.

But what is most striking is its clarity and power. It is one of those features that can be described here but that checks on the spot. To maximize the volume of the Smart Platinum 7 is an authentic experience as your speaker system It develops a lot of power without notice is not a shred of distortion. Whenever the source of sound is of good quality, obviously.

If the camera has a remarkably high note, the multimedia experience we get thanks to its sound rises to outstanding. Possibly the best that we have heard away from the HTC BoomSound, probably the leaders within mobile speakers that can be found today. A magnificent work.

Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum against your competition

ProcessorSnapdragon 652MediaTek helium X 25Kirin 955Snapdragon 650Front camera8 megapixel camera5 megapixel camera8 megapixel camera, f/2.413 megapixels, f/2.0OutFingerprint sensorLoad fastFingerprint sensorLoad fastUSB 3.1 type CFingerprint sensorUSB 3.1 type CFingerprint sensorLoad fast

Mobile Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum Meizu PRO 6 Huawei P9 Sony Xperia X
Screen 5.5 inch Super AMOLED QHD 5.2 inches Super AMOLED FullHD 5.2 inch IPS LCD FullHD 5.0 inch IPS LCD FullHD
Nuclei 4 x Cortex-A72 (1, 8 GHz), 4 x Cortex-A53 (1, 2 GHz) 2 x Cortex-A72 (2.5 GHz), 4 x Cortex-A53 (at 2 GHz) + 4 x Cortex-A53 (1.4 GHz) 4 x Cortex-A72 (a 2.3 GHz), 4 x Cortex-A53 (1.8 GHz) 2 x Cortex-A72 (1, 8 GHz), 4 x Cortex-A53 (1, 4 GHz)
GPU Adreno 510 Mali-T880MP4 Mali T880MP4 Adreno 510
RAM 3 GB 4 GB 3/4 GB 3 GB
Memory 32 GB + microSD 32/64 GB + microSD 32/64 GB + microSD 32/64 GB + microSD
I Android 6.0 Flyme I 6.0 Android Android 6.0 6.0 Android Xperia Launcher
Connectivity and SIM 4g, Bluetooth 4.2 4g 4.1 Bluetooth, dual SIM, USB C 4g, Bluetooth 4.2, dual SIM, USB C 4g, Bluetooth 4.2
Battery 3,000 mAh 2560 mAh 3,000 mAh 2,620 mAh
Rear camera 16-Megapixel, f/2.0, phase detection 21 megapixel with flash 10-LED flash and autofocus laser Dual 12-Megapixel, autofocus laser, f/2.2 23 megapixel, OIS, f/2.0
Dimensions 154 x 75.7 x 7 mm, weight 155 gram 147.7 × 70.8 × 7.25 mm, weight 160 g 145 x 70.9 x 7 mm, weight 144 grams 142,7 x 69.4 x 7.9 mm, weight 153 g

Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum, Engadget Mobile view

There may be a couple of problematic aspects about this phone that consumers have in mind to do with him. The first, which It’s a phone operator and there are often reticence by users to get one. The second, that it is a mid-range premium or super range average, and is more difficult to invest in them in cheaper phones.

Our recommendation is that you desterréis those concepts of your mind. It’s an attendant phone that we can stop virtually clean if that is our desire, and that makes it practically in a Nexus with interesting additions as the camera application or audio settings. And Yes, it is a super range media to clear things, costs less than its free variant, the model sold by Alcatel. The Idol 4s.

Few drawbacks can put you at a terminal that, in general, and with its minor flaws, it is quite good. It has a good size, excellent screen, a good camera and a better sound, and will support one day on the street without any problems playing games of any caliber and using all kinds of applications. In addition, we have the security of biometric identification of the fingerprint reader. A good job.

In favour

  • The sound, impressive
  • The Chamber, ready for everything
  • The screen, visible in any situation


  • The rear glass, poor choice
  • The battery is something short

The terminal has been granted to the test by Vodafone. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.