Vodafone One Total, New Convergent Reduced for Families Including All Television and Football

The converging offers that they combine fixed, mobile and ADSL or fiber have been evolving since its inception in the fall of 2012 not only to update the conditions with increasing gigas that users demand but also packaging more and more services as television and additional mobile lines under a definitive single price despite continue getting fatter, it involves significant monthly savings for those who want it all.

And with the offers of Jazztel, Orange and Movistar in force for some time for families who have more than one mobile line next to its convergent, only remained Vodafone to present their alternative, which shall enter into force on October 5 under the name of Vodafone One Total and will come with a dual purpose: offset the reduction in price which is the similar offer from Orange with savings that can reach the 13 euros per month Vodafone regarding the previous offer and do faced with the TV premium Movistar.

While the operator will keep its package Vodafone original One without changes and with the flexibility to hire (or not) the television and additional mobile lines, families with more than one mobile line can hire Total One Vodafone which is available in version M with two lines with unlimited calls and 4 GB each In addition to a third line included with calls to 0 cents and a bonus of 500 MB. And as so far, will also be available in version with 6 GB L each online.

But as we said, Vodafone One Total will also include television, specifically all of television’s the more comprehensive package that includes 120 channels and all the football so will become one of the best proposals with operator television now that it has completed the promotional period of football to 6 euros and returns to cost 18 euros but with the advantage of exclusive channels boasts Total TV package from the basic package with essential TV.

The price of the entire package will depart from the 112 euros with fiber at 50 megs (120 euros with fiber 120 or 124 euros with fiber 300) but to learn more about the advantages of each possibility with Vodafone and the savings or advantages You can assume each alternative, before we do a brief summary of the current possibilities and new that opens next month:


Vodafone One

Vodafone One Total

2 unlimited lineswith 4 GB each €89 without TV€95 with essential TV€107 with Total TV€113 with essential TV + Football€125 with Total TV + Football €112 with Total TV + Football
2 unlimited lineswith 4 GB and 6 GB €99 without TV€100 with essential TV€112 with Total TV€118 with essential TV + Football€130 with Total TV + Football €122 with Total TV + Football
2 unlimited lineswith 6 GB each €110 with essential TV€122 with Total TV€128 with essential TV + Football€140 with Total TV + Football €133 with Total TV + Football

Prices shown in the table are for fiber to 50 megabytes, but you also can hire faster by an increase of 8 euros if you want fiber 120 MB or 12 euros if you want fiber to 300 megs.

Promotion total TV free for new hires of TV

Next to Total One Vodafone, the operator also wants to encourage the recruitment of the more complete package of channels among the other rates Vodafone One, giving the Total TV package for three months It boasts a total of 120 channels with exclusive front other packages such as EuroSport 2, Fight Sports, Motors TV, Nat Geo Wild, travel, multiple channels of MTV Music, VH1, Mezzo or A & E among others.

This new promotion improves and replaces the current force, which also gives three months of the package although it includes essential TV instead of Total TV, which has 50 more channels from October 5. The promotion will be available for new activations of the television service both current customers at Vodafone new.

The promotion will not have any kind of permanence so after once months promotional, if you do not want to pay the full package that can achieve a cost of up to 24 euros according to tariff, you can change the TV package one cheaper or to unsubscribe the service.

Thus convergent Vodafone One offer is

Then we leave you with channels that can be seen in the TV Total of Vodafone, beyond the available DTT and autonomous, but also you can more information by clicking on the image or by comparing the channels included in Vodafone Movistar and Orange.