Vodafone One Fiber Is Already Available in 4.2 Million New Homes Thanks to Indirect Fiber

Announced in principle for the month of June, is now finally available access to convergent offer Vodafone One with fiber hint of Movistar in 4.2 million of new real estate units to It will improve both the speed and price those who until now only had indirect Vodafone ADSL access. Other users with direct ADSL from Vodafone or HFC, will not have access to fiber indirect.

9 million UUII where Vodafone fiber is already available (HFC + FTTH), will have to join the two million that will soon be available covered Orange (as already done Orange vice versa) and that now joined with Movistar coverage, surpassing the 15 million UUII where at least will be hiring 30 actual indirect access Mbps and 300 Mbps if you have own coverage.

The indirect Vodafone fiber will only be available as convergent offering, either the rates Vodafone One at the same price than ADSL or other mobile more fixed contract rate and indirect fiber for 30 euros without permanence. Can access it individuals, freelancers or companies and will be compatible with the rates + lines discount for additional lines (except Mini XS).

Unlike what happens with indirect ADSL, the Indirect fiber keeps the price of the basic offer of Vodafone One without expensive it. Therefore, their large differences with respect to the shortcut are two others: the upload speed which will be of 10 megabytes with indirect access, 3 megs with HFCs or 30 megs with own FTTH and the offer of television that is not available for indirect access.

So are rates with fiber indirect Vodafone