Vodafone Leaves Via Free to Acquire New Exclusive Channels of Movistar after Get Rid of Canal + Releases

We are in the negotiation of renewal of television rights, not only of football for next season as we are following, but also the supply of channels that are exclusive to Movistar, of which, is obliged to share half with rivals as a compromise with the CNMC following the acquisition of DTS.

The last season of the four premium channels available exclusively with Movistar, Vodafone chose to stay with Canal + great game (renamed Vodafone TV as fertilizer Soccer 1) and with Canal + releases, which broadcasts the best cinema of Premiere but since today It no longer available for new hires from Vodafone TV.

Great game and Motor, in the spotlight

Following the agreements to be able to view Netflix and HBO from Vodafone TV, the operator would be more or less covered paragraph series and cinema what the disappearance of Canal + releases is not so painful and so Vodafone opens the door to new premium channels whose wholesalers offer with Movistar is still being negotiated.

Among the premium channels that Vodafone will have to choose, it is likely that one of them remains Tickets Soccer 1 which emits the “best” match of each League Santander day (includes one of the Madrid-Barça Classics) and the Copa del Rey.

With the film and series already covered, the Canal + Series option is virtually ruled out so the Formula 1 and Moto GP they would have many possibilities to the offer from Vodafone in the next few days but we will remain vigilant until we can officially confirm what exclusive channels of Movistar will see tambiien Vodafone TV.

Vodafone TV reorganizes its dial

Together with the renovation of the offer of channels, from August 2, to improve the experience of customers of Vodafone TV will produce a reorganization so that the channels they will be organized by topics to facilitate the search for the content. Dials changes may be accessed from here.