Vodafone Is Targeting Black Friday with a 50% of Discount Fares Until June 2017 One

Yes, still a week so we are officially in the Black Friday, another of those American traditions that have become hollow in multiple countries, but the advertisement of bids for the day or for a longer period don’t stop get. And not only talk about offers on different devices, the operators are also are turning with this quote.

We’ve already seen as Amena has Black Friday and Christmas offer at the same time, and now up to Vodafone. The proposal of the British operator is quite tempting, since throughout the next week it will be offering all its convergent packs with a discount of 50% until June of 2017, as well as several smartphones at special prices.

From Monday 21 November until the following Monday, 28, rates Vodafone One will be more attractive, by the offer which has just announced the operator. Those requesting a new high or a portability one of these rates will have a 50% discount for six months. Therefore, the most basic package (50 Mbps fiber and mobile with 200 minutes and 2 GB) stays in only 25 euros, While the most complete package (300 Mbps of fiber, unlimited calls and 6 GB on the phone and essential TV) is reduced to 42 euros.

Tariff discounts are accompanied of discounts on terminals. Huawei P8 Lite will be available for five euros a month for 24 months with the Vodafone One S, ZTE A512 for four euros per month with the same rate, whereas with the Vodafone One M can get the Sony Xperia XA for six euros a month or the Sony Xperia X for 13 euros per month.