Vodafone Is Ahead of Rivals Announcing a Convergent Pack with All The Football for Bars

If individual users have to practically a master to determine which is the best option to access all the football, the owners of bars or other establishments catering nor have it much easier. In fact, for this coming season the rights of retransmission for this sector are held by Orange and Vodafone and moment it is not known if they will share them with competitors.

And taking advantage of the current uncertainty, Vodafone announced the launch of Vodafone One restoration. Behind that name is a convergent pack as available for individuals, with their fixed line, fiber or ADSL and mobile, but with all the football for issuance in local public, 304,95 euros per month.

The Vodafone One restoration pack includes fixed fiber 120 MB or ADSL, a mobile line with unlimited calling and three gigs and TV with all Spanish football (first and second division) as well as Champions and Europa League, in addition to 80 theme channels (1 Eurosport and Eurosport 2 included) in Exchange for 304,95 euros per month.

Although the price may seem high, it is certain that not far last season prices. For example, the similar pack of Movistar (only operator offering the second Division) last season had a price of 275 euros, lacking until well into the season of beIN Sports, only channel in which you could see the top European competitions. Now, touch wait for conditions of the Orange pack and if similar to other operators packs will be.