Vodafone Extends Another Month to 0 to All with New Mobile Promotion as Sony Xperia T and Huawei Ascend P1

New business model? That’s what we were introduced in April this year and since then, almost every month we have a change in the Vodafone offer It makes it different with respect to the previous one and that on this occasion he banishes the discount associated with the financing of 24 months by who in October will be almost as at the beginning of all the fuss raised following the announcement of the end of subsidies.

Así, until 31 October, Vodafone will continue subsidizing moving to current customers and also to capture new other operators with terminals as the iPhone Star 5 from next Friday.

Although it will not be the only change since Vodafone will incorporate during the month of October the last ship logo of Sony known as Xperia T, coming free from 549 euros, and the very slender Huawei Ascend P1 in agreement while that on card prepaid they will be available also the BlackBerry 9220 for 159 euros and Vodafone Chat 655 for 59 euros.

The prices to contract with a stay of 24 months both Vodafone and rate are as follows:

If you have any problems viewing the prices, you can also consult them from here.