Vodafone Eliminates Multitude of Savings Services That Have Become Outdated or Not?

Much changed mobile tariffs since the arrival of the MVNO’s not only by the widespread reduction in prices but also by the simplicity of the rates that makes differed not so much the cost of calls according to schedule or target operator so that the saving services were very useful to connect with your most common contacts.

But with the passage of time, the price of calls has continued falling to 0 cents the minute everyone, anytime (where you only pay the call set-up), fading thus the advantages of modules of savings in case of not being tied to old rates. And once the majority of customers have been migrated to the new rates, Vodafone has decided to remove up to 14 services from November 15, 2016.

In order to continue simplifying the offer, Vodafone will eliminate all customers, regardless of the rate that currently have the following services:

  • A2: service allowing you to talk with other Vodafone number by 3.6 cents/minute through the short number 101.
  • Qtal: It allowed talk and send messages by 7.3 cents with a group of up to 10 people with mobile Vodafone using the short numbers assigned to each component of the Group.
  • Common numbers: It applied a 20% discount on calls to four numbers, two of which could be not Vodafone.
  • Vip numbers: service that was offered to Vodafone customers who cancel portability to another operator and allowed speak for 0 cents with 5 numbers chosen Vodafone.
  • You and me: Evolution of the A2 which allowed you to talk for free (without accommodation) with a Vodafone number in Exchange for a monthly fee of 7.3 euros.
  • Tarifa Plana family y Family Plus: allowed to talk for free with the lines that were under a same owner in Exchange for a fee of up to 6 euros per month. Now this service is included free of charge in Vodafone One.
  • Mensamanía: Service allowing you to send up to 100 SMS and 100 MMS per day to any mobile Vodafone and even, in its latest version also included messages to other operators.

In addition to savings, Vodafone modules also deleted other services considered obsolete Although in this case Yes there may be situations in which may still be useful for certain customers.

  • Mobile free line: Utility to have two numbers on one phone.
  • Nexus card: Replaced long ago by the multiSIM, finally also cease to be available to those who had contracted previously. Now they will have to migrate to the new multi-device service.
  • Consumption control y Consumption insurance: Used when the majority of rates applied a price per minute to ensure that costs would not apply beyond the limit stated above, now with bonds and rates with unlimited minutes he would have sense this functionality.
  • RealMail: The service to keep abreast of the mails in the pre smartphone era had a cost of 2.50 euros per day or 18 euros per month. Was also limited to few megs and not given access to the rest of the internet.
  • BlackBerry prepaid: Similar to the RealMail service but only for customers with BlackBerry also ceases to be available to customers of prepaid card.