Vodafone Cut Its Rate Daily Roaming in Europe and USA for Card Users Prepaid

The free roaming in Europe and the U.S. included in the contract rates Vodafone is one of the main advantages of the operator that most distinguishes it from its rivals but is an advantage that It is not available for prepaid customers but as an alternative, Vodafone continues to offer the possibility of hiring a daily rate in roaming if default rates have not just convince you.

Once the EU roaming rates have returned to be thinned as prior to its elimination would total? in the summer of 2017, the travel prepaid rate 4.84 euro per day had stopped being profitable in the majority of cases for which Vodafone has finished lowering finally its cost to 2.90 euros per day of use with the advantage that in addition to the EU, it is valid in USA, Switzerland, Albania, and Turkey.

Although Vodafone prepaid trip rate is lowered almost two euros a day, continues without leaving in the countries of the EU with regard to default rates-profitable since the tariff is including only 20 minutes/day, 20 MB/day and 20 SMS per day so in the case of consuming them entirely, the cost would be of 2.90 euros, making impossible their return unless you travel to the other four countries including, whose default rates are more expensive.

Meanwhile, Vodafone tries to grab attention on roaming to include it free in the current contract prices, but still keeping away from this possibility prepaid and doesn’t seem that this step we are going to see it until it is required in the summer of 2017, as in the rest of operators, perhaps for encourage the migration of users to contract But if you prefer to keep the prepayment, Go Europe of Orange may be interesting as we see in the comparison of prepaid roaming: