Vodafone Continues to Improve Its Business in Spain, Thanks to Growth in All of Its Services Customers

These are good times for the large operators. Between convergence, its second marks and that the economic situation may have improved slightly the Movistar, Vodafone and Orange are watching as their accounts are coming out of that slump of years in which it lost both revenue and customers.

The results of Vodafone from the first half of its fiscal year (from April 1 to September 30) reflect that improvement in all its edges. Revenue recovering strongly, a 5.2%, but the highlight of their accounts is the growth in the number of customers in all its services, both mobile and fixed in pay TV.

With a total of 2.496 million euros revenue in the half, Vodafone has entered a 5.2% more than in the same half of the previous year, also growing in revenue for services by 4.1%. The good news for the company and its shareholders are not there, Since EBITDA is also growing by 4.9%, all thanks to the acquisition of new customers.

Strong growth in the mobile

From the economic numbers, is mobile where Vodafone has captured more new customers. 165,000 lines added in the last three months, 91,000 of them being new contract lines. With this growth the total number of mobile lines of the company are 14.511.000, 79% of them contract. Customers using 4G have also grown, to the doors of the 6.5 million.

The growth of fixed internet customers was not shy. Vodafone has managed to 41,000 new lines in the last quarter, consolidating above the three million customers. If we put the focus on fiber, we see that the trend is on the market, replacing the old ADSL by fiber connections. 61,000 lines of this technology coupled with in the last three months make the operator already 2.088.000 clients that connect to the internet via fiber.

All aspects of the business of Vodafone evolve positively

Even was the growth of Vodafone in pay television. After adding new subscribers 86.500, already have a total of more than 1.2 million users who have hired TV Vodafone. Football and the offer, already completed, Netflix, have had their influence. The next weapon of Vodafone will be HBO, we expect it to come in the next few days.

14.7 million households with fiber coverage

As always do all operators, Vodafone has taken presentation to update the status of their deployments of new generation networks. Vodafone can offer fiber to 14.7 million Spanish homes, 9.5 of them with its own fiber (or cable) and the rest through the use of NEBA wholesalers offer that allows you to use the fiber of Movistar.

Regarding the mobile coverage, Vodafone already It covers a 95.5% of the Spanish population with its 4 G, reaching a total of 2,860 municipalities. Of these 1,000 of these populations are already covered 4 G +, which offers speeds of up to 350 Mbps down.

In summary, growth in all aspects of Vodafone is based largely in its bid by the above deployments of new generation networks, but It also has an important role in all this Lowi, his particular weapon against the virtual, and the investment in customer care, with the renovation of more than 500 shops to adapt them to the current environment.