US Brands of Office Denies Registration ‘Nexus One’ Google

In December last year, Google filed for trademark registration Nexus One in brands and office patents US. On Tuesday last week the company received the result: the request was denied.

According to the office, the trademark “Nexus One” is very similar to the other will be registered by the American company Integra Telecom in 2005 and could lead to confusion, particularly because the company also operate in the market of telephony. The brand here is just “Nexus”.

In the letter saying that the record can not be done, the office still tells Google that you can reply to the registration denial with evidence and arguments showing that there will be no confusion between the two trademarks. To prevent the application is abandoned, the answer must be submitted within 6 months.

Or they could use my suggestion: get some change from his pocket and buy Integra along with the brand. Simple and easy. [Thanks to SteveBob for the tip]