United States Threatening Apple with Forcing Access to iOS Source Code

In the conflict between the FBI and Apple to open an encrypted iPhone 5 c threatens U.s. Department of Justice now Apple forcing themselves access to the source code in iOS.

Almost not a day goes by without the conflict between the FBI and the Apple evolve, as in very brief is about, that the FBI would need access to a locked and encrypted iPhone 5 c in connection with the investigation of one of the ringleaders behind the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in december last year.

Now joins the U.S. Department of Justice himself into the fray with an alert against Apple, where the case takes a new turn. In a footnote in the 43-page document write Ministry of Justice:

“Due to the reasons discussed above can not even change in the FBI software in San Bernardino-bagmandens iPhone without access to the source code and Apple’s private electronic signature. The Government did not attempt to force Apple to give these to the FBI because it believed that such a request would be less acceptable than for Apple. If Apple, however, prefer the approach, it might give another option that requires less work for Apple programmers “.

In a comment writes Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt, journalist that the footnote is not at all different than saying: “We can do it the easy way or the hard way. Give us the little things we want-a way to bypass your software on-or we take it all: Also your Crown jewels and Royal seal “.

Apple can so see themselves compelled to entrust all the otherwise closed iOS software in iPhones to the FBI, if it does not give itself over to the giant Fbi demands to crack the encryption in the one iPhone 5 c, as the case-after the FBI testimony only relates to. Apple, however, did not share the conviction, which fears that it may have far-reaching consequences, if the FBI comes in possession of a tool to gain access to any iPhone.

The full access to iOS source code from Apple’s desire will be a way in which the FBI in theory can put a customized version onto the perpetrator’s iPhone without the strict security measures with encryption.

“During my 30 years of practice, I never think that I have seen a sagsresume, which was more in the intention to slander the other page with false accusations and suggestions, and less in the intention to focus on the merits of the case,” said Apple’s Senior Adviser and lawyer, Bruce Sewell, for The Verge.