Two Practical Battery Chargers For Apple Devices

Today we present two chargers for the precious Apple devices. The first iPhone charger is for those who spends much time on the road and don’t have much time to charge their devices at home.
Cygnett GroovePower + Dual USB travel charger for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Cygnett GroovePower + battery charger from charging any combination of two iPods, iPhones or iPads at once and is therefore very time-saving. This mobile charger is a functional accessory for iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Cygnett Groovepower + Dual USB charger from

Groovepower + Dual USB charger for iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Fast Dual USB charger for iPod, iPhone and iPad or other USB devices.
* Slim and compact – ideal travel charger
* Two USB ports provide maximum functionality
* Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 130A
* Output: DC 5.0 V ± 5% 2 .1a

The second charger which we present today is a docking station.
iLuv dock for iPhone, iPod and iPad

By DoubleUp iLuv Dual dock allows you to charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod – two at once! This practical charger for iPad, iPhone and iPod provides a quick charge.
iLuv DoubleUp Dual Docking station for iPad, iPhone, iPod

DoubleUp iPad, iPhone and iPod Dock

It has a breaker and adjustable flip-support to accommodate different kinds of devices. In addition, you can synchronize directly with the computer using a mini USB port and cable.