Traveling with My Bus Pass in The Mobile, Vodafone Wallet Tested at TMS in Malaga

One of the things that Malaga are quite spoiled – in the good sense of the expression – is the way that the Malaga transport company has adopted gradually all kinds of resources to eliminate any excuse when it comes to getting their vehicles.

Right now we have environmentally aware buses, infrastructure stops and great options and places that promote accessibility, although it is also true that the price of the ticket is not, nor much less, so affordable how was a decade ago.
The next aim? Facilitate the payment of the trip thanks to the NFC technology and therefore Let’s see how it works by Vodafone Wallet service, to see its pros and cons.

From 2012, the EMT has been one of the pioneers in offering a bill payment service through mobile NFC technology, and this especially interested makes who use regular urban transport services, but What is the ticket for NFC and that’s special?

This “magic” of the NFC is hardly a new invention. Indeed, and despite that it takes some years to some “modern marvels” as Youtube or Facebook, now is when more use it is giving. This system of Near Field Communication, or communication in the language of Cervantes, near-field, allows the exchange of data between devices unless they come to make contact.

Use offers a huge variety of possibilities, ranging from the reading of toys-to-life as the popular figures of Amiibo with Nintendo consoles to make credit card payments through a kind of purse, and in our particular case get that we let balancing act when it comes to entering a bus while trying to write to Whatsapp and rebuscamos hand excess the length and breadth of what we put to get the manure transport, or failing that some cash that accredits our trip.

A bus pass in the mobile? Much more than that

In my particular case I made use of the system of Vodafone Wallet, the app from the phone company that enables the use of the terminal to manage my credit cards, my PayPal account, accumulate loyalty points or see some new developments which sometimes make me want to be furthest from my bank accounts. One of the options that it offers is that of access to services of transport that have adapted to this system and next to the from the TMS currently of Aulosa of Logroño, Albacete and Valencia Movilis urban you can see.

Taking advantage of that I had to do some shopping in the center of my city, I wanted to immerse myself in the experience in full and decided to put into practice the activation while waiting to arrive the bus that I would return home.

Here I was in what was possibly the big mistake on my part, since the activation process will rob us approximately 5 minutes, which are much more bearable when the driver does not wait with door open. Seen in those I decided that it would be better for him and the passengers not to interfere too much in the timetables and me APEC so that the service would be completely in Active.

They say that basically everything can be leveraged in some way or another and precisely this experience, it is a perfect example that we must not leave these things to the last minute. Since Vodafone Wallet, suggest us that we lower the App specifies the EMT and from We will validate the service and see the advantages offered by the initiative.

The first impression when it comes to estimating my new smart-bonus-bus is which is the natural and logical evolution of the classical card transport in the same way in which which replaced the Wifi connection cable: more autonomy, greater management control and a new batch of possibilities to implement.

Traditionally in Malaga the Bono-bus has prices more affordable than the sum of its travel individually. We are talking about a relevant margin, since they are almost $ 5 difference between out ten trip tickets from the vehicle or recharge them on a card through a tobacconist or authorized point.

The NFC of my terminal system allows me to profit from both circumstances, recharging when you want to travel in my mobile, which will make interactive chart, at the most advantageous price. Available options for the App are 10 or 20 trips and a monthly subscription for unlimited travel.

Absolute control in the Palm of your hand

The curious thing is that, despite my skepticism to use the service for the first time, through my mobile reader fertilizers transports this He read it as one more and in a matter of seconds, He didn’t have a different noise nor gave any problem. The curiosity of the day came from the hand of the driver, this system caught whereby new, which initially ended not understand very well what were the intentions of my terminal pointing to your cabin.

During the trip I took to talk about the new method and indeed is not reflected at all no difference with respect to the traditional Bono-bus. However, the system is something more interesting to have a rechargeable card of travel between my terminal and the casing (or have it sticky with the cellophane).

We can recharge instantly, since at all times we will have access to check travellers that remain, checking the time, stop and up to the number of vehicle where we were (if somewhat forgotten stay us). In fact, the card itself has own numbering with what would serve for the municipal bicycle lending service. All reflected immediately and in the Palm of our hand.

An important fact is that when you recharge you will be issued a digital invoice, and now that we are in the time to settle scores with the tax agency is more than interesting. In addition, EMT system offers more services for travellers, as more young card, which offers a range of monthly prices much more affordable to those who need to make studies or more age using the bus and whose use is fully nominative.

The only requirement to be able to make use of this service is having a mobile phone and a SIM card adapted to NFC format and that you can see in the listings of compatible terminals for Vodafone, Orange and Movistar, as well as a number of card associated with – in my case to the Wallet – Vodafone make recharges.

A bet for the future and it has not started yet

By what I could talk with bus drivers (not live near the Centre of Malaga precisely and in the South all speak with all) is not often use this service today Despite the fact that I could see that in different parts of the cabin and the vehicle had to know this alternative, and that in my path usually frequents it people who by age range you have no objections to new technologies. Maybe on college campuses use mobile as a bonus-buses is more extended.

It is nothing new our telephony terminals to absorb more and more services and daily performance. From substitute to the own wristwatch as it could be at the beginning of the film ‘The Fellows’ (The Internship, 2013) the newspaper, through radio, television and even the flashlight. I personally think that the service is not only an interesting alternative, but It will end up imposing itself as us will generate more confidence pay and make transactions from our own terminal.

Having said that, now I just hope new transportation services to make the leap to this new system and check if it still drivers face “Why they are taking me a photograph?”

The conclusion of the passenger

Here is where he plays to position ourselves technically and objective for the provision, and on this occasion plays to extrapolate to the offer itself. Mobile phones have become Swiss knives authentic and this alternative offered by Vodafone Wallet is one of the best additions while retaining all the principles of the revolution of mobile telephony: comfort, simplicity, effectiveness and have a practical use. Even there we are completely satisfied with the service.

However, the fact that takes the negative point currently you can only use it in three cities and under the agreement of three companies. This not is due, nor much less, a limitation by initiative, but that in cities much more busy as Madrid or Barcelona, where actually the idea of time could set up service is not offered.

On the other hand, it would be interesting to extend the use to other lines of transport such as the metro, commuter or long-distance trains and already brought to high point to a system from interrail which take advantage of the roaming rates. Will it be a matter of time?

But let us be realistic: every great journey begins with a first step, and the debut of the Vodafone service on the ground of not only smart-bonus-buses is a smart move for the traveller, but is the best choice of those citizens, Riojanos and Valencian for which the bus is part of your day to day, at the time that offers a great alternative for visitors and tourists can give a tour by urban transport infrastructure. Transport of Vodafone Wallet service is not the future, it is the present and This has only just begun.