Trari Ttrara – the New iPhone 5C is Here!

The Apple disciples we are across from the cottage! Just arrived the iPhone 5C in five different colors in our camp, makes you so fast on the order before they are gone, because the rush is great! So you know what is it about the iPhone 5 C, here is a brief description:

The new Apple iPhone 5C is exactly the right Smartphone for those who like to bunt like it! The iPhone 5 C has a 4 inch retina display and a fast processor of the A6. With up to 100 Mbit / s download, that will spark new iPhone 5C with more LTE standards and supports more networks than other smartphones. The camera of the iPhone 5C has 8 Megapixels and take photos with a f2. 2. – cover, an improved sensor and larger pixels. You can get wonderful panoramic pictures with her. Also the movies with the iPhone 5C now even more fun: the new FaceTime HD front camera in the new iPhone 5 C has a rear lighting, a triple zoom and takes slow-motion videos in HD-quality. The battery lasts longer than the previous model and has a power saving function – you can do with the new iPhone 5 C 10 browsing, 10 hours of phone calls or 10 hours looking at videos. Many apps are the new iPhone 5 c already pre-installed, for example a camera app with which you shoot pictures like a pro. One to create appointments or one to listen to your favorite music.

Your new iPhone is waiting for you!