Trackr: GPS Technology that Will Give Headaches to Thieves

How many times have you lost any object and had no idea where you left off?Probably not a few times.This is perfectly normal and everyone loses several things and sometimes never recovers them.

It is precisely because of these commonplace situations that Phone Halo has created a device that will ensure that your belongings are never lost again.

TrackR is a kind of communication device that you can paste into any product (be it a cell phone, a video game or even your car keys) and monitor the location of the object through an application.

The idea is so good that, so far, more than 150,000 TrackR devices have already been distributed.Wait, distributed?That’s right, you read correctly.The manufacturer is giving TrackRs, ensuring the propagation of the product and building a database so that other consumers have an interest in acquiring it in the future.Confused?We’ll explain everything!

How it works?

According to the information from Phone Halo, the StickR TrackR is a wireless device the size of a coin that can be easily “glued” to any item.You can paste it on your tablet, your computer, and even your dog (but put it on the leash).

By installing the company-supplied app on your smartphone (the software is available for Android and iOS), you can monitor the location of TrackR and therefore the object you do not want to lose.

In the app, you can turn on an audible alarm to find the tracked item in seconds.There is a “hot and cold” indication system that suggests when you are heading in the right or wrong direction, and you can also find the device by checking the last GPS position.

You might think that this whole idea would go down the drain by questioning the TrackR battery issue, but as the component manufacturer explains, the product battery can last up to a year without major difficulties.

Want more?A single smartphone can monitor up to 10 items simultaneously.In addition, you can customize the alert tone.

Oops, I lost my device.

As you can see, the idea is simple and practical. Now imagine if you’ve lost the phone on which the location app is installed or else you forgot your keys at your friend’s house. The developer of TrackR also thought about these situations and this is where the brilliant idea of ​​the service developed.

In these situations, your friend’s smartphone (which also has the application installed) can identify objects that have the TrackR docked.When checking for lost items nearby, your friend’s cell phone automatically sends the data to the Phone Halo server according to PHONECATIONS.COM.

When you log in to the app on another mobile phone (you can download the app on another device to see if someone has found your belongings), a message will appear, informing you that someone has found your objects (be it a cell phone or keys) Position where the items were located.

In fact, if you lose your cell phone, it is possible to configure TrackR to activate the ringtone of your phone, even when the device is in silent mode, that is, there is no way to lose your smartphone for long.

A new location network

Because TrackR is still in its early stages, few people have the devices and the app installed.However, as the user base grows, the chances of finding other objects tagged with TrackR increase.

The idea of ​​Phone Halo is to create a connected world, where people can always monitor their belongings and disrupt even the tricks of thieves.Even if some criminal takes your smartphone or the keys to your car, some time you will end up getting the location information of the item and will be able to retrieve it.

Who knows, in the not too distant future we can have control over our gadgets and not have many headaches when losing the cell phone.What did you think of the novelty?Does this fashion catch on?It is worth noting that the manufacturer has not yet given details on the price or fees that may be charged for the use of the service.