Tip: 9 Books for Watch Fans

Famous Rolex Watches, Omega Moonwatch, IWC And Many Other Themes

Christmas is approaching and even when the snow is waiting, cold enough to snuggle up with a good reading on the sofa, it is. In this article, you will find nine books that you should place as a watch lover on your wishlist. Whether you want to know more about a certain brand like Omega, IWC or Longines, you are interested in famous Rolex watches, or if an exciting watch movement, for example the sports watches, has aroused your interest.

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Book # 1 For Watch Fans: Moonwatch Only – The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide

The Omega Speedmaster is not only one of the most famous watch lines of the Swiss manufactory, but stands out above all by one aspect: it was on the moon. In 1965 NASA equipped astronauts with the timepiece and brought the Omega Speedmaster Professional to a place where most people were not even. Such a story is famous. But there is much more about the Omega Speedmaster, which is exciting and what it is worth to know – collected by the authors in this book. It has 496 pages, is English-language and is complemented by more than 1,000 illustrations.

Book # 2 For Watch Fans: Erotic Watches – Time For Love

The holidays are about love – why not in the Christmas present? If you want to be a watch lover of your wife for example Christoph Prignitz ‘book “Erotische Uhren”. In this the author devotes himself to a phenomenon of the 18th / Century: Erotic watches were popular at that time and still reflect the gallant way of life and the refined eroticism of the time. In addition to the history of the company and the history of the history of the history, the watches are also arranged in the book and numerous timepieces are shown. Thus “Erotische Uhren – Time for Love” documents a facet that is characteristic of the culture before and after 1800 and which has so far received little attention.

Book # 3 For Watch Fans: FA Jones – His Life, His Legacy, His Watches

It is the passion for historical watches that connects the authors of this book. It motivated Alan Myers, Thomas König and IWC curator David Seyffer to this work. The book deals with the visionary Florentine Ariosto Jones, FA Jones for short. He laid the foundation stone for the watch brand IWC Schaffhausen. How exactly the Swiss manufactory arose, you can read in this book. But it goes beyond the history of creation: the theme is also all the works developed by FA Jones. This diversity of topics together with years of research makes the book an exciting reading experience for watch-lovers. Whether you’re a collector, an IWC lover or simply a friend of mechanical watches, with this book you will have your fun. Not for nothing is it the bestseller of our book range …

Book # 4 For Watch Fans: Longines Watches

“Longines Watches” shows Longines watches of the forties and fifties in all their splendor.Whether you want to get an overview or have long been a fan of the brand, this book to the wish list to put Christmas is worthwhile. Large format photographs, supplemented by several detail pictures, present the most important models of the watch brand. Deepen yourself in more than 200 pages of watches and discover both optical and technical developments.

Book # 5 For Watch Fans: Collector’s Rooms – The Hundred Most Famous Rolex Watches

Rolex is the most famous watch brand and also a term whose heart does not beat for mechanical watches. However, it is much more exciting to know which Rolex models should be watchficionados – and which timepieces are of particular value for collectors. The book “Sammlerträume” shows lines and collections with which the manufactory has been enthusiastic for years. Four detailed pictures on the left hand always convey a comprehensive impression of the watch, a big picture on the right shows the bestseller.

Book # 6 For Watch Fans: Zenith – Precision Watches

The end of the year is always the opportunity to look back. For example, in Zenith’s modelstory, which is reproduced in the book “Precision clocks” with informative texts and large-format photographs. Factory and detail pictures supplement the history of the manufactory founded in 1865 and provide a comprehensive insight. In addition to pocket watches and wristwatches, for example, wristwatches, chronographs and observatory chronometers can also be seen. Also shown for the first time are all calibers installed up to 2001 together with table and special shape clocks.

Book # 7 For Watch Fans: Eterna – Pioneers Of Watchmaking

How the Eterna developed into Eta, the maker of the watch, and again on watchmaking, and how it ever came into existence, shows this book. For watch lovers, this book is a great Christmas present: Impressively, technical innovations of the brand are presented, such as the first chronographs or wristwatches for example. However, the watch experts Christian Pfeiffer-Belli and Gisbert L. Brunner are also focusing on special highlights over the last 150 years at Eterna: for example the presentation of the 0.98 millimeter quartz clock. The authors, who are also known as journalists in the industry, explain how the company was founded in the Swiss municipality of Grenchen. An event by which the founding fathers Urs Schild and Dr. Josef Girard not only influenced the watch industry, but also the local industry.

Book # 8 For Watch Fans: Junghans – 150 Moments From 150 Years Of Junghans

The holidays are the time to meet with the family, the time to come home to remember the last Christmas celebration. This Junhans book also invites one to remember and to look back. The selected 150 moments from 150 years of Junghans are often as personal as these: In one chapter, for example, is the Amerikarisen of Arthur Junghans, the son of company founder Erhard Junghans. The son’s interest in technology was also evident during his excursions and influenced the development of watches at Junghans. Because the American watch factories had so many good ideas … Interesting are also the other stories, for example the trip of Arthur Junghans with Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler in one of the first Daimler cars. Through all these stories, it becomes clear how much the company has shaped the town of Schramberg – and why this is often called “Junghans-Stadt”.

Book # 9 For Watches: Omega Sports Watches

Sports? In December the physical activity is limited to the walk to the Christmas market – and with the right sports watch on the arm. Sporty watches from Omega can be found in this book, for example. Four chapters invite you to discover your favorite favorites: Omega Speedmaster, Omega Seamaster, Omega Railmaster and the more general area “Sports Watches”. For years John Goldberg himself has been collecting watches, here he shows the most important models of his collection. For years, these models have inspired Omega fans and also illustrate the long tradition that Omega has in the area of ​​sports watches. Detailed views and front pictures provide a comprehensive impression of the individual models.