Tim Cook Announces Exciting Product Categories

For many months, it is already speculated that Apple iWatch to bring inter alia the Smartwatch in the course of the year on the market. Now, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook confirmed journal in an interview with the Wall Street that there will be new product categories. Cook not announced however detailed information, so that the speculation will continue further.

According to Tim Cook, work on ‘great things’ are already running. At the current time, Cook could tell but still nothing about the future plans. This decides as possible dates for a presentation. But Cook said interviewed also stressed that everyone could be sure that Apple would always work on new ideas.

iWatch, Apple TV, or yet another product?

At the current time, it is probably most likely that Apple will unveil the first Smartwatch of company this year. A few months ago, the renowned WSJ in this context reported that Apple should have turned off 100 staff for this project. For two years now the rumour around on a full HD TV from Apple adheres also stubbornly. Specific messages that go beyond the State of speculation, are not however yet available.

Innovations are required

Some experts in the industry, including the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, criticized the iPhone manufacturer in the past due to a lack of innovation. A WSJ journalist asked Tim Cook to this issue as well, and then the Apple CEO replied that you always should take the Finnish group Nokia as an example at hand. Nokia which clearly shows that you would die without innovation in the own offer to cook in an interview.

While many analysts are calling a cheap iPhone for emerging and development countries of Apple, Steve Wozniak goes even one step further and demanded last even an Android iPhone from the Californian IT company.