Three New Pictures of LG G5: Major Design Changes on the Way

Three new pictures of LG G5 have appeared, and there are major design changes on the road compared to its predecessor-exactly as previous rumors have shown.

A physical copy of the LG G5 is five days before the official event was photographed, and if you think it’s going to look like its predecessor, just as it will be very much the case with Samsung’s Galaxy S7, you may well think again.

Going for drastic design changes with LG G5, where not only plastic replaced with metal, but also the term be changed significantly. On the website dubizzle has a user simply chose not to put an early copy of the LG G5 for sale, imported from the United States. In the sales ad be seen three pictures, which confirms the earlier rumors, there has been about LG G5’s design.

Where the front resembles a quite bit more on LG G3 than G4, the same can hardly be said of the back. Camera module is designed completely from scratch, where nothing looks like something previously seen on an LG smartphone.

There is for the first two bagkameraer in a dual camera-construction, which on paper should make LG G5 stronger on the camera front, for example by letting the one sensor switch focus point for photography or provide additional zoom functionality. It is yet unclear what function the additional camera sensor quite accurately will give, but one of the above is probably not entirely unlikely.

Of the other major changes on the back is also the addition of a fingerprint reader, as there was no in LG G4-but on the other hand, was in the V10. The fingerprint reader is located approximately in the same location as your home button for G4, and this brings us to the volume buttons, as LG since the G2 has had placed on bagisden just above and below the home button.

The special location of the buttons will no longer be in G5, where they instead have moved to the traditional seats on the sides. It will probably annoyed several owners of LG smartphones, but it has also been a bit of a task to convince potential buyers to get used to the new position of the buttons.


Can the bundes ejected?

One of the more spectacular rumored LG G5 may be said to be that the bottom as a result of metal design can be pushed out like a drawer, where you get access to the battery. Metal designs makes it very difficult to give easy access to the battery at the back, just as you can in the G3 and G4. Why should LG have found on this smart solution.

In a month, there has, however, been no further information as to whether the interesting design change was to reach out to the LG G5, but a dark dividing line at the bottom of the back of the G5 gives a little hope that it actually becomes a reality. However, there may also be just a very thin plastic line, so that the signal from the antennas can penetrate.

What are you thinking about LG G5s modified metal design? This is an advancement from the G4 with plastic and leather, or falls, for example, the new camera module not your taste? Finally, give your opinion in a comment below.