This Cable Saves Your Smartphones Data

Now you can soon get a cable that, in addition to charge your cell phone, make a backup of your phone data.

Losing your phone or Smartphone data, is not at all fun, for many it is not just some photos, videos or contacts who smokes, but memories that are lost forever.

Therefore, the backup is important, but the process is not always optimal, either you must be connected to a PC or you need to have an internet connection to a cloud-services-services which often costs a monthly fee.

However, you can get rid of this trouble if you write you up for Kickstarter project MEEM: a smartphone-cable that holds a backup module that ensures your phone’s data-each and every time you charge it.

MEEM can store all of your contacts, calendar appointments, photos, music and video files locally and will carry out its backup regardless of USB connector it is connected, as long as there is power on.

The cable will be published in the month of March and can be ordered in two versions, one for Android-powered smartphones and a for Apple’s iPhones and comes in a 16 and a 32 GB version.

MEEM costs 40 British pounds including delivery, or around 385 Danish kroner. You can click here to read more about Kickstarter project or see how it works in the clip below.