The Web Falls Squarely in The Mobile Phone, The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

For end of the week, as customary in this is blog, do a review for the most striking that has hovered over her in Mobile News. With the Nokia World even giving their final tail between our articles, leaks, announcements and dates of official updates have been the most common topics.

As content to highlight, we can mention the complete analysis of the BlackBerrand aiverse and its services that has made Manuel Blanco in three articles (part I, part II and part III). Also it is tremendously interesting Smartphone Android that concept Mozilla has shown, called Mozilla Seabird. Sony Ericsson, Apple, Nokia, Motorola as well as other many companies and operators is not that they have been neither arms crossed precisely. We started with the best of the week in Engadget Mobile.

We started today in mobile terminals mentioning the filtration of the so-called LG E900, on the side of the BlackBerry also we could see as they filtered images and possible specifications BlackBerry Storm 3 and a tour of the BlackBerry Bold 9780. This Monday, it is possible that RIM launch the future “BlackPad”, although their own specifications will be more an obstacle than beneficial.

By HTC we have known this week four new leaks, We talk about the Lexicon HTC, HTC Mozart and HTC Trophy in addition to the HTC HD 7, where the latter, certainly does not have clear yet its final or HTC HD 7, HTC HD 3 definition.

Some well known companies may give one of the surprises of the future as Facebook or Mozilla making the leap to the world of mobile telephony with a future “Facebook Phone” and a stunning concept called “Mozilla Seabird” respectivamemente.

Orange has also shown us its new bet Low cost Android, the Orange San Francisco and have read some rumors on a possible Motorola Droid 2 World Edition with support GSM and CDMA, and a 1.2 GHz processor that it would be launched all over the world.

Of Nokia World We were still so count this week, as for example the system CBD for their new screens, the idea of the company to cope with service and Google Street View, first impressions that let us Nokia N7 last week and the news that the output of the Nokia N8 There will now be in October.

Nokia also is the first protagonist in our review of this week to What happened in the world of business, Since we have seen as its value has fallen by 15% this year. Apple just another of those designs to patent who shall speak for weeks, specifically one which would recognize the hand of users. Speaking of Apple, are back at it again with problems on iPhone 4, or that seem to indicate some users who comment new problems at the reception in the.

HTC for its part, has launched four new videos on some of their top terminals. Dropouts are also the intentions of Motorola and Sony Ericsson, you speak of integrating the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform in some of its new terminals, in addition to a possible “Playstation Phone” with Android.

Another fact that we have known this week is the good pace of sale Samsung with the Samsung Wave. Qustodian is another company this week has shown us how to earn money through mobile marketing.

Operators come stomping this week with its intentions; We became echo of the intentions of some of the most important in creating a new operating system itself. CMT’s July results have shown us that benefit most are Movistar and Telstra.

In terms of offers, Vodafone and MoviStar they have launched some offers called “Bring a friend”, we know Mobile WiFi which has launched Vodafone, Movistar It has increased the speed of its mobile rates and both Orange and Simyo has launched its current fare of ADSL and mobile Internet respectively. According to the Ministry of industry, Orange has proved to be the most controversial company over the last year.

As regards operating systems and updates, This week have yet again announced another delay, it’s late October for the launch of the Android 2.1 update for the is Xperia, as happens in Samsung Galaxy S with the system Android 2.2 Froyo. We have also known one of the new features in iOS 4.2 called Airprint.

Sony Ericsson He believes the future is Windows Phone 7 and not Symbian, although we have heard that Windows Phone 7 will not support tethering. With respect to other Android updates, we learned that some Nexus One have been updated again to version correcting bugs in its Froyo and Orange has declared that its HTC Hero, Desire and the Boston are prepared to be updated when Google deems appropriate.

Applications that have been updated this week they have been Gmail in its version for Android 2.2 Froyo, Dropbox also updated in Android and iOS and It has been launched on BlackBerry. Google Mobile App BlackBerry has also received a new version and webOS has received an application called PreFox, an app based on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The articles most valued by readers this week have been:

  • Samsung informs us that Froyo will reach the Galaxy S at the end of October
  • Mozilla Seabird, the browser guys teach us your concept phone
  • Nokia E7, our first impressions
  • Image of the week: the pullitas from Nokia to HTC in London
  • Nokia wants to stand up to Google Street View with 3D visualizations