The Turn of Lenovo: Filtering The Calendar Update to Android M

Most of the mobile phone manufacturers have already shown, by their own initiative or not, if you are planning to upgrade their phones to the latest version of Android. We already have information from Samsung, Sony, LG and recently HTC. Now it’s up to Lenovo.

As usual, information does not come from official sources fate of some screenshots in what appears to be a presentation. Names of models of phones paired with alleged dates that will receive the upgrade to Android M can be seen on the screen.

Phones like the Note K3, Vibe X 3 and Vibe P1 will not have to wait too long to enjoy Android Marshmallow. If all goes according to plan, should have the update ready in the first quarter of 2016.

The rest of terminals (which mentions Vibe S1 and A7000), must wait a little longer, although not too much in terms of Android updates: should your list update before July 2016.