The Motorola Moto G and Moto X Would Be Banned in Germany by Patents

When we thought that the patent war had been calm enough, we have to find a new trial resolved in the worst possible way, by banning the sale of terminals. It is not the first time that we find ourselves, but stresses occur with a few as recent terminals.

This time the victim was Motorola, which interestingly was purchased and later sold by Google for their patents, which has received the blow with the Justice of means. The plaintiff has not been Apple, which tends to take the path of the litigation for these things, but the signing of German engineering LPKF.

Nor has been for a component software but a hardware component, in particular to the position of the antenna in a terminal with the curved back and plastic. In this way the Court has decided to fail in favour of signing and form effective Motorola will not sell certain mobile.

Specifically refer to Moto X and Moto g, two phones that do not have so long on the market and which assume if a blow to the company, with the Moto E only available. By the time Motorola will try to solve the issue by paying compensation or changing the position of the antenna, but it is not good news for the company.