The Mobile Market by 2015: Escape from Sony and HTC to Huawei

Chinese mobile manufacturers stormer forward at the expense of established companies such as Sony and HTC.

Established cell manufacturers will be increasingly challenged by Chinese companies-it is the clear trend in the analysis Bureau Kantar ComTech last inventory of the mobile market in Europe’s five largest buyers of smartphones: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy.

Here it appears that the squints, particularly for HTC and Sony in the battle for buyers ‘ favor, while Chinese producers as Huawei, BQ and Motorola are taking over customers from them.

For the two South Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG, the picture is more complex, given continuing customers to Chinese manufacturers, but at the same time, new buyers are taken over from Sony and HTC.


2016 will be a difficult year for Sony and HTC

Nor is there much evidence that evolution can be reversed in 2016 for Sony and HTC. While Samsung and LG already has announced the launch of their respective toptelefoner for 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5, HTC late out with their flagship for 2016, a phone that still only living on reputation base according to SHOPPINGPICKS.

Sony can simultaneously feared to score an own goal, with the recently announced Xperia X models, which removes the focus from the company’s Z5-topmobiler from the autumn, while X-afløserne first sales are expected to be ready until May.