The Headset from Skullcandy: Features and Specifications

Headset with integrated MP3 player is not a new concept, but unfortunately without much success on the market. SkullCandy headsets inspires the market with their Agent Headset. This incredible headset has a versatile design so that the user can use the headset as an MP3 player or other audio device.

The Headset from Skullcandy

The Skullcandy Headset

Skullcandy agent Stereo Headset is definitely not a boring headset. The company behind, is known for its bright colors – and The headset is no exception. The headset comes in several different colors: black, green, red and chrome. With this headset you stands out from the crowd, and the black model is an alternative for those who prefer a more classical style.

The Stereo Headset

The Skullcandy Headset offers a unique design. This headset is comfortably and addressed. It closes all background noise out, so that only you can hear the music. With hi-fi sound and a thin profile, it is not surprising that this Skullcandy headset is so popular. It offers great modern design and high quality.

Features and Specifications:

-Comfortable leather ear-muffs, to many hours of music playback
-Speaker diameter: 40 mm
-Magnet type: NdFeB
-Frequency response: 18-20 kHz
-Impedance: 32 ohm
-Max input power: 30 mW
-Cable length: 1.2 m
-Plug type: 3.5 mm gold plated