The First Cover for iPhone 7 Confirms: No 3.5 Mm Jack

Pictures of the first cover for iPhone 7 confirms that there no longer will be able to connect headsets with jack.

It seems that there is some truth that Apple chose to scrap the ability to plug in headphones and other audio equipment through the classic 3.5 mm jack.

Twitter-tipsteren Onleaks has shared a number of pictures on Twitter, showing what is believed to be the first cover for the upcoming iPhone 7. Although it doesn’t show iPhone 7 ‘s final design, allows it to return a good idea of how it will look.

Covers must of course make room to insert a mini phone jack, and a such is not to be found in this iPhone 7-cover. Instead there is in the left bottom come to an extra speaker holes, where jack else sits.

Although it is in no way confirmed by PHONECATIONS, then begins to draw a picture of that Apple takes it-maybe-something dangerous step and drop jack port. It is without a doubt something that will bring a lot of debate with himself, but Apple can probably get away with it by including a free adapter in the box, who can transform the Ligtning 3.5 mm mini jack connector for.

Commercially, it is not a completely stupid idea, when design the change probably will let other companies create unique third-party accessories that are made specifically for the iPhone 7. How consumers will accept the change, is another matter.