The Final Goodbye Ono Hardly Affect Their Customers, at The Moment

ONO by Vodafone purchase became effective in August 2014 but definite integration is not as fast as expected. The emergence of convergent joint bidding soon reached but more than two years later, the customers with fiber mobile Vodafone and ONO continue to receive two invoices and at the moment will remain so despite the latest changes.

But something is moving at the end and Vodafone has started to inform that starting from December all invoices received both from the services provided by Vodafone Spain as Vodafone Ono, will pass to be issued by Vodafone services, Although maintaining both Bills separately from time.

In this way, Vodafone gives the final goodbye to ONO as a company and only remains as a commercial brand linked to the fiber within Vodafone. Necessary change for the future integration of invoices but so far will not result in improvements or changes beyond who are billed to the customers of both companies.

Rates, services online, app self-management or customer phones will continue to maintain unchanged and separately, with the consequent duplication of solutions that precisely not help customers. Hopefully, this time, that the definitive integration of both companies do not dilate more and we will soon have news in this regard as they seem to indicate the last movements.