The Definitive LG G3 Guide

What does LG mean?

The LG brand name actually comes from another brand that surely many will remember to be seen in shopping malls with affordable Watch called Goldstar. In 1995 changed lna image of the company and thus the brand name to call LG Lucky Goldstar meaning.

Leveraging the brand name the company uses the slogan Life is Good, which many confuse with the meaning of LG.

LG is currently one of the most recognized brands in the world of technology.

Each year manufacturers strive more and more by launching spectacular smartphones. The protagonists are the same: Samsung, Sony, LG, Apple, HTC… Although they are always the same fighting for the throne the fight is becoming more hard-fought, and in so far this year, there is a company that has decided to take a blow on the table: LG.

Last year we were surprised with the LG G2 and now returns to the fray with his successor: the LG G3. A mobile top which becomes the first to bring us a spectacular display that goes beyond Full HD. Discover the secrets of this new smartphone? Today we tell you everything you need to know about it.


To be a phone top does not take half-measures and the bet must be firm and without gaps. The LG G3 is a good example of this: your processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 is the most advanced of the moment in mobile telephony. Fast, effective and optimized to make it perform well at all times.

Its 2GB of RAM ensure us that we have a lot of background applications and use multi-tasking. Its 16GB allow us to store all kinds of information and if we fall short we can extend it with up to 128 GB microSD cards. You have no excuses to be deleting files because you don’t have enough space.

Outside appearance is actually stylized. Thin and light to be a mobile with a 5.5 inch screen. Where are the buttons? Not keep looking at the sides, LG has put back them in the back so we have them more hands when we pick up the phone.

If there is something that stands out on the outside of the phone is the screen. LG has taken the screen almost to the edge. The front of the G3 is virtually all screen and feeling that gives hand that we don’t want to return to take another mobile in a long season. What is your secret besides the design? Its resolution.

LG G3 Mobile Phone

LG G3: Screen

LG G3 has a resolution that is known as QHD. That is, four times HD resolution (720 p) that we know now. The screen has a few spectacular 1440 × 2560 pixels. At first glance, it seems that there is no difference but when we have in front of us we see that the difference of pixels note against a mobile Full HD.

Sharper images, clear letters… It is a breakthrough but to make the most of the LG G3 screen we will need content optimized for this resolution. In addition, the new interface of Android that has put LG makes everything look clearer than in their earlier mobile.

Interface flatter and clara, that fits the times running. Now, sure that you’ll be asking: do you drink much more this screen to be larger and have more point? It is logical to think that but LG has done a great job of optimization so that the battery hold much.

LG G3: Battery and Camera

The LG G2 showed us that could be an excellent battery without that this compromise size mobile. This time the G3 comes to corroborate this claim and a slender body is able to introduce 3,000 mAh that guarantee us that we will be able to use the phone all day.

For the days that it takes a little more battery, mobile has a battery-saving system that will disable some features so that we are able to squeeze it more. It is not something to use every day, but we can take out of some other trouble.

In addition to the we find that camera comes with new features. A 13-megapixel sensor with its main attraction is a focusing laser system. Camera will fire a beam that will measure the distance which will focus.

A system is very fast and effective both when there is little light as much. The selfies lover? The phone comes with a special mode where part of the screen will illuminate white to offer us an extra light. A small detail that are sure more than one thanks.

US wonders of phone you have and is it really is one of the most serious contenders to win the title of best mobile of the year. Not only we say it, we leave a few analyses so you can see what are saying other means on this phone:

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In addition to powerful technical specifications, a single screen and a battery of guarantees, the LG G3 hides a few ACEs up his sleeve. Many tricks that will make you life easier and that then we explain, included videos so that when you have the phone in hand you can try them on your own.

Smart Notice

Someone has called you and not you’ve been able to pick up the phone? Don’t worry, the system Smart Notice will warn us of such details. It is similar to Google Now but intended for very specific things in the way in which we use the telephone. Learn from us to offer us an experience more personal and productive as possible.

Knock Code

A mobile phone can be unlocked in many ways: by placing a PIN, making an unlock pattern or even using your own face. With the LG G3 we have Knock Code, a pattern of touches on the screen which is very secure and difficult to identify by the marks left on the screen.


A small trick which was already on LG G2 but was tremendously useful. By double-clicking on the off screen we could turn it on without having to press any buttons. We can also do it from the desktop to turn off the screen by pressing two times.

If we do it within an application it will not work and if we install another launcher, such as Aviate, Nova Launcher or Go Launcher, this option will only be active on the unlock screen. This time LG has done a great job and it’s worth leaving the launcher that comes by default.


It has been one of the trends in the world of photography with the mobile this year: to be able to take pictures and then choose where you want to focus. It is a very effective trick to get beautiful blurs and more highlight objects or persons. Can find you it in the camera options menu.


Are you that makes many mistakes writing using the keypad on your mobile? LG has introduced a new system capable to predict more accurately the words. It is quite fast and will allow us to write in a very comfortable way. If it doesn’t convince you, you should take a look at the renewed Swiftkey.

Guest Mode

We are sure that once we have paid a few minutes mobile to a friend or to our children use it a time. If we don’t want to see all the information that we have inside, we have a guest mode that will allow them to access only to applications that we say. It is very useful and easy to configure.


We know that the LG G3 is one of the most desired mobile and in El Corte Inglés want you it put very easy. The phone is available from today, if you shop with us get a LG G Watch gift: a smart watch that allows us to have a lot of information on the wrist.

Notifications, quotations, indications to move with the map… we can even use voice commands to make certain simple tasks. Did the phone you like? You can find more information in the online store, but if you have any questions about it I hope in comments to resolve your doubts.