The Big Apple Show

All new to Apple: we analyze the top products and compare iPhone 6, 6 8 and Apple pay plus, Apple Watch, iOS with strong competition. Apple has another chance in the market dominated by Android with 1000-Euro-phones?

Apple dares the leap in new sizes-dimensions and met with the new iPhone of the Android competition. A good sign, because an additional 4-inch iPhone would be doomed to veurteilt. And so it is fitting to Apple’s claim thinking that it presents not only a slightly larger model, but with 4.7 and 5.5 inches in the full. The new Apple Smartphone are rough up the mobile phone market certainly, revolutionize anything but, explained by healthinclude. Because the competition has long been things such as NFC and similar display sizes. Our analysis of hardware and software of the new Apple lineups shows who are the fiercest competitors and how Apple claims against them.

New Apple Products: Analysis And Comparison

We take Apple’s innovations, analyze technical data and place them in a suitable image. The comparison with the current Android competition is like the new iPhone have: we take a look at this iPhone 6 and compare it with opponents like the Galaxy, Alpha and the Xperia Z3 compact. Then this is XXL-iPhone 6 plus on the series, because of the XXL smartphones market is highly competitive. She send Apple Watch We of course also does not come out and also we take a close look iOS 8 and his unmistakable similarities to Android. Finally, we appreciate the opportunity and possibility of Germany starts for Apple’s new NFC payment serviceApple pay a.