The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile: Get IPhone 4 and Their Rates

We leave behind the week of the launch of the iPhone 4 in Spain, an event that had been already making noise with the antennagate saga and that has enshrined with night queues of early adopters and press in different shops of the country (so counted it in Applesfera) and thousands of units sold in a few hours.

This week we’ve also updated Engadget Mobile with interesting and quite a few new features, like the possibility to subscribe by email to responses that are made to our comments. Our platform continues to improve on behalf of the community and the posts, and these have been the best posts the last days:

iPhone 4 in Spain: rates and first impressions

As we said at the beginning, the iPhone 4 has been the star of the week, with permission of their rates, arriving for the first time by threefold, as Vodafone and Orange add to Movistar to market Apple’s phone. They attacked one after another Wednesday:

  • We first met price Movistar
  • Then leaked the rates of Vodafone
  • And finally, Orange showed their weapons
  • As it could not be otherwise, our colleague Plokiko published a comparison between all the options.

Back to the phone, Susana Font took one and told us his first impressions, which says that antenna problems are not so and they have magnified. Some analysts are betting that the problem had much to do with the AT & T network, and others dare to say that Apple fixed the problem without mentioning the review.

In another order of things, to the beginning of the week, we knew that it is legal to do the jailbreak and unlock similar in United States.

The other news … refer to the future

But in the near future. And in some cases, fortunately, to the very near future. This same weekend HTC will begin to upgrade to Android 2.2 the European HTC Desire. Motorola Droid is also blessed with Froyo, the coming week, which directly affects our Milestones.

Speaking of Droid, Droid X and Droid 2 are approaching Europe. The latest generations are androids, which contrast with the death of pioneer. And we already started talking about Android 3.0…

We are also attentive to BlackBerry, because we have seen in video, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and his brand-new OS 6.0. This latest Desktop Manager leaked also. By the way, Samsung Galaxy Q wants to compete with BlackBerry using Android.

Further part of Nokia, that makes us dream of the fruits of Design by Community. We do not forget Windows Phone 7, that we see with better appearance than ever.

Finally, we give three reasons to consider Palm Pixi Plus if we are looking for a mid-range phone.

Those more interested readers

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