Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset Comes to Denmark in October

Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset, Playstation VR, landing in the Danish stores in six years. To October you can buy a copy at home.

Virtual reality technology is under rapid development and enhances it with lightning speed. One of them, who are instrumental in the development, is Sony, which has been working on his own Playstation VR glasses since 2011 under the name Project Morpheus.

The last half-year or so has Sony’s virtual reality goggles/headset truly converged towards a launch, where the final name, Playstation VR, was published in september last year. Two months later teased Sony for a launch of the VR headset during the first half-year by 2016.

If you are among those who are eagerly awaiting the throwing money at Sony’s upcoming gadget, however, you need to arm yourself with a dose of patience yet. Sony Announces for now that the frames will be launched throughout Europe and Denmark in October month-in other words just over six years in the future.

“In order to make sure that we can be ready to supply enough PS VR devices and a wide range of software titles to consumers all over the world, we have decided to launch PS VR in October 2016. We would like to say thank you for your patience and continued support to all who are looking forward to the launch. We are more than excited about being able to deliver the amazing experience that PS VR creates, for customers, “ says Andrew House, Sony’s President and Global CEO.

At the same time, the price also revealed. Throughout Europe, it will be the same indicative price of € 399 directly translated to 2,975 dollars. By comparison, costs $ 600 or whatever Rift Oculus that corresponds to 4,000 dollars, while HTC Vive is situated on the entire € 899 or 6,700 crowns.
On Sony’s website, you can preorder a copy soon, if you want to make sure a as one of the first, just as you can sign up on the page, so you get to know as soon as that opens up for presale.

Packed with competitive specifications

So what is it that makes Sony’s PlayStation VR headset interesting at a time when it pours with virtual reality glasses and headsets, which gives you a 360-degree virtual image and a completely different emotion in games than on tradition show.

While Playstation VR has a high screen resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and an OLED screen with a Visual field of up to 100 degrees, which is very similar to its competitors ‘ specifications, it is with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which ensures an even more fluid experience.

On software since Sony has gotten a lot of big games developers behind them such as 2 k Games, Electronic Arts Inc. and Ubisoft Entertainment, which is just a few of the 230 developers and publishers who work with content for your headset prior to launch.

Some of the major game titles coming to Playstation VR in years, are:

  • Eagle Flight (Ubisoft)
  • EVE: Valkyrie (CCP Games)
  • Headmaster (Frame Interactive)
  • New Star Wars Battlefront-game experience
  • Rez Infinite (Enhance Games)
  • REICH: Mechanized Combat League
  • Tumble VR
  • Until Dawn: the Rush of Blood
  • VR Worlds (SCE WWS)
  • Wayward Cloud (Uber Entertainment)

Sony Playstation VR: Specifications

Goals: 187 × 185 × 277 mm (headset) and 143 × 36 × 143 mm (processor unit)
Weight: 610 g (headset) and 365 grams (processor unit)
Screen: OLED (1,920 x 1,080 pixels)
Refresh rate: 90-120 Hz
Field of view: 100 degrees
Sensors: Three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer
Connection: HDMI, AUX, stereo mini jack (headset) and HDMI TV, HDMI, USB, HDMI and PS4 AUX (processor unit)