Sony Xperia Xzs (Mobile)

Conclusion Of The 19.05.2017

In a sense, the Sony Xperia XZs is the gap filler between the Xperia XZ and the Xperia XZ premium. Sony’s upper-class cell phone cuts a good figure in the test, like largely brisk pace of work with a very good screen, good battery life, and springs must be but in the camera test current Android.Also, it takes almost three hours, until it is loaded because the manufacturer to delivery saves.

Xperia Xzs: Chic, High-Quality-A Bit Boring

It’s a Sony, it is unmistakable: they win what losing the Smartphones of the Japanese within the fleet of distinctive trademarks, to the outside. Because Sony has not fundamentally changed its Smartphone design over the last years, but only optimized. It is concise and stylish-after all these years, but also a bit boring.

The new Xperia XZs makes any difference. Like its predecessor, it has a high-quality aluminium housing, which lies well in the hand. The frame is however very wide at bottom and top. The place unfortunately does not use Sony for capacitive buttons, but also shows a strip with software keys on the screen. Our test sample showed light gap, which could accumulate dust after a few weeks but felt but not unpleasant.

Fingerprint Scanner And Waterproof

The minimal curved 2.5D-Displayglas, which merges into the housing frame also rounded, looks elegant. Placed at Sony usually a fingerprint scanner, the precise reacts under the small on/off button on the side of the housing. Press the button once and wake up the phone from standby before the scanner to work. Despite aluminium collect also visible fatty streaks on the back. Users need a water bath, however, not to be afraid, because the Xperia XZs is according to IP 68 standard water-and dust-proof.

Xperia Xzs Pleased With Long Battery Life

The Battery life of the predecessor was already good in the test, the Xperia XZs a cheat death once again puts on it. In our online run-time test the new model at the 10-hour mark scratching–this is not phenomenal, but a very good value. As with the Xperia XZ disappointed the long loading time of nearly three hours, even though the Xperia XZs is capable of fast charging. The reason: Sony saves the cost for a quick charger and attaches only a 7.5 Watt power supply. Other manufacturers often provide the 10 to 15 watts.

Fine the full HD display, ² very bright shining cd/m with approximately 580, which you can read it well out there still not least like us.

Camera: High Resolution, Noise

The high resolution camera shoots solid images, can but not fully convinced given the high price of the Smartphone-as other upper class cams offer better picture quality. The shots confirm that Sony squeezes back very many pixels in a comparatively small sensor, with a visible noise pattern. This in turn is compensated by a blur, the detail in surfaces to the victims. Against the blur again still a sharpness filter is used, which reinforced edges, which partly is in detail at double contours. Especially the negative effects of the blur is spread in the dark. The bottom line the photos but nothing more are often fine.

In some moments two new features will prove to be practical, however,: a super slow motion at reduced resolution (HD) at 960 frames per second-which however leads to darkened recordings-as well as a technique called motion eye. The latter shoots four images of a scene, three of them a second before pressure of trigger that you can choose the best. For this, an optical image stabilizer is missing the cam-Sony’s SteadyShot technology stabilizes but full HD videos.

Good, But No First-Class Facilities

Sony is still the Snapdragon 820 and therefore the high-end chip of last year, already sitting in the XZ. At least the little flottere and more efficient refresh Snapdragon 821 would have been desirable. The Smartphone runs in the usage very smoothly-after all updates are downloaded and installed. Occur during the download of software juddering like many other smartphones also. Compared to its predecessor, Sony expands the memory facilities from 3 GB to 4 GB.

The extensible user data store provides nominally 32 GByte, of which there are around 20 GB free. On the PC, it couples your Smartphone via USB 2.0 type-C. The higher end models already offer the faster USB 3.0. Also Inductive charging is not available. On the other hand it’s great that Sony with Android 7.1.1 installed the current version of the Google system-under a modified own surface.