Sony Xperia E1: Phone Walkman

Bottom line: The Sony Xperia E1 has a Walkman button and a tremendously loud, but high only moderate speaker. In the test, display and processing of cheap smartphones like us, the camera is however weak.

Sony Xperia E1: Walkman Features & Processing In The Test

Sony’s cheap phone E1 makes on Walkman. A dedicated Walkman button, which launches the pre-installed music player button sits at the top of the compact cell phone. Who was previously used to find the power button, at this point in his Smartphone is speaking/singing into the one or the other time unintentionally its surroundings with Miley Cyrus and co.. Because a large speaker that sounds extremely loud, however powerless is sitting on the back of the Sony phones. Only around 100 euros expensive mobile phone is clean and is handy in the hands. There can be no NFC, but has a microSD slot.

Sony Xperia E1: Battery, Acoustic & Camera

The E1 in our battery test scores overall average. A rather weak online-runtime 5:30 hours is a very good phone term 10:54 hours. The acoustics of the phone is not perfect. The sound comes across nasal, muffled and away, but at least very loud. The handsfree works hardly. What also comes through, is the 3-megapixel camera of Sony mobile phones. Without Flash and autofocus, it provides only blurry and colour sometimes extremely distorted results.

Sony Xperia E1: Praise For Display, Performance & Operating System

Only 4 inch large display of E1 resolves with sufficient 800 x 480 pixels and achieved a good brightness value in our test lab, but weakens when the color space. The E1 has a very good screen for this price class. The small Sony can convince even when the pace of work. The dual-core originating from Qualcomm ensures a good pace. You are also online with the E1 quickly on the way, HSPA + with 21.1 Mbit / s in the downstream provide advantages. As the operating system Android 4.3 with the usual is Sony-UI, an update to version 4.4 is announced for July 2014.

Sony Xperia E1: Alternative

If you want to spend no more than 100 euro for a Smartphone and the camera for you has no meaning, the E1 is a really solid option.As an alternative, we recommend that Moto E by Motorola. The phone is already running with the latest version of Android, shows balanced battery tests and is slightly larger with 4.3 inch. Currently, you pay for the Moto E 20 euros more as for the E1.