Sony Refines Your Headphones

Sony It has presented today in a series of new headphones that cover almost the entire catalog of the firm, from a model for study until we used daily in the metro. In all of these innovations have focused on making them more comfortable and improve the sound with any kind of music.

The model star and belonging to the professional range of study, is the Sony MDR-Z1000. These headphones use a new LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm has been used to take advantage of its lightness and hardness to reduce the resonance of the headphones and improve the naturalness and clarity of the sound.

As we have made strides, ease of use is something that searched intensely in the new headphones. Hence the magnesium alloy casing with which this headset is manufactured.

As for pads, isolated from outside noise Thanks to that are reinforced with a Urethane foam and new gaskets to reduce sound leakage. Also the cables, conductors oxygen free copper, prevent the loss of sound quality. The price of these headphones is of 500 round euros.

Less specialized arises the MDR-ZX series, composed by headphones more discreet. All ZX models have a closed design to aid in the reduction of external noise.

The top model of the range is the Sony MDR-ZX700, that includes some 50 mm units and pads of urethane to make it easier to bring them jobs.

The high-end model comes out by 100 euros, but we can find other more affordable as the zx500 running, ZX300 and ZX100 for 50, 30 and 20 euros respectively.

Already without enclosed design, the new Sony are positioned in the EX series. The most advanced model is the Sony MDR-EX510LP, of vertical design with units of 13.5 mm and a design and materials chosen to reduce resonance and vibration. In this range we can find models from 20 to 100 euros.