Smartphone Controlled Irrigation Sprinkler

The garden is smart to front door, lamps and radiators. About irrigation sprinklers, which can be controlled via smartphone? Visit for detail.

By about: eQ-3 East Frisian company cooperates with the gardening equipment manufacturer Kärcher and integrates the Kärcher displaced irrigation machines of SensoTimer ST 6 smart home in the popular smart home system Qivicon. At the IFA 2015, eQ-3 showed how the ST 6. The clever gardeners placed the device in the vicinity of the plant and its display determines how much wet wet to hand it to the thirsting flowers. This determined the soil moisture of ST 6 unsolicited and can donate the proper amount of water even with sloppy amateur gardeners.

12 Inch Alloy Irrigation Sprinkler Brass-toned Rocker Controllable Angle Arm Spray Rotating Nozzle Agriculture Connector Copper


The ground recognize how dry it is

The main attraction of the device is its connection to an app provided, which is connected to the smart home system Qivicon. The native Wi-Fi and the hobby gardener stating settings to optimize irrigation. But even in absence of control via app succeed. There must be only a network connection, and then the garden owners in the Wi-Fi of the French holiday house launches the app. While it perhaps sustained rains in France, it remains hot and dry, in the domestic Germany so tourists nonchalantly controlled the irrigation values and, if necessary, increased, where it takes account of the different water requirements of various plants.

Alloy Brass-toned 12 Inch Rocker Arm Angle Spray Rotating Nozzle Controllable Agriculture Connector Copper Irrigation Sprinkler

The ST 6 is easy

The hobby gardener closes the machines to the tap and put the moisture sensors in the ground, preferably in close proximity to plants. The system can be connected with a motion detector so that passers-by or neighborhood kids who want to pluck a stray Frisbee Disc from the garden, not be soaked by the sprinkler. According to the manufacturer, even the blinds in immediate vicinity to the sprinkler reported in the system should respond to the use of irrigation. Shortly before the artificial rain turn down automatically, so that no drops of water soak the window frame.

According to the manufacturer the Senso timer 6 will be smart home from early 2016 available, to choose a model with and a model with two programmable water outputs are available. A set of two replacement tips is available for about 10 euros.

An alternative solution sold the company, Gardena Gardena smart gateway. A smart device is connected to the local router; it receives data from field offices in the garden, find information on Sun intensity and soil moisture. The Gardena can be smart use gateway from other locations, so you’re can – giving orders for irrigation during sustained drought inasmuch as a Gardena water control for the cold shower of the plant is connected to the device.