Smart Home: Modern Living Thanks to House Control

For me, it sounds tempting to come home after a stressful day at work, the light is already burning in the living room and a pleasant temperature prevails in all rooms – all without wasting valuable energy.With our product “at home.Smart Home from here “this scenario becomes real.How the intelligent home functions, explained to me Torsten Schäller, product manager at ENSO.

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Smart Home: What does it really mean?

SmartHome is a solution for the control and networking of technical devices.This allows users to conveniently control heat and light in their own homes via an app for smartphones or tablets – even from the road.

Anyone who comes home later than planned can adjust the temperature in the living rooms downwards.The lighting or light color can also be adjusted directly on the way home.This increases the comfort of living, saves energy and protects the money bag.

How does “home” work. Smart Home from here”?

The heart of the house control is the control box.It is connected to the local router and is connected to the Internet.It receives the commands from the app and then controls the individual components such as lamps and thermostats.

With the Light module, for example, you can switch energy-saving LED lamps on and off with one click or create unique color tones.Programmable light profiles can produce the right light for any occasion: when waking up in the bedroom, while working or during leisure time.

With the module heat you can regulate the temperature in the living rooms according to your needs.With the help of the app, each radiator can be individually controlled – at any time from the road, at home or automatically with a stored heating profile.

Weekends or holidays can also be considered.The advantages of this intelligent heat control are not only beneficial to your money but also to the environment. In addition to energy, you also save carbon dioxide.

What are the application fields for SmartHome?

The Module Care is interesting for relatives of elderly or needy people.By means of intermediate connectors, the activities of everyday devices (switching processes) such as water boilers or lamps are recorded.If everything goes as usual, the app shows:Everything is in order.In the case of irregularities, for example when the coffee machine is switched off in the usual time, the relative receives a call or an SMS.

The module is unobtrusive in everyday life and can thus contribute to maintaining independence and independence in old age.

In spring, we will also offer the module protection, with which the user always has his or her home at home.For example, door/window contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors or cameras can be installed and equipped with alarm functions.As soon as the defined sensors detect an unexpected activity, the desired alarm is triggered.The user is then contacted by push, e-mail, automated call or SMS.

Some time ago, we were looking for customers who would like to test Smart Home for a year. What lessons could you gain from this test phase?

Overall, we used the system at 18 test customers.In a subsequent survey, you gave us feedback.The goal was to detect and eliminate any existing problems with the operation as well as errors in software and hardware.

The survey showed that our testers were able to use the home app intuitively.Also the installation of the individual components in the house control was the most easy and uncomplicated of the hand.Only a certain type of LED bulbs could be used, some users have problems.We fixed this error.

In addition, we wanted to learn more about the needs and needs of users in order to develop SmartHome closer to the customer.Many testers had the desire, for example, to monitor their own four walls from the road.This security requirement will be met with our module protection in the future.

As a product manager, you have already tested the system yourself. How are your experiences?

I have”at home.Smart Home from here “has been installed in my apartment for some time.At first I had to get used to the comfort gain.I often came home from work and the radiators were cold.When I leave the house early, I turn down the thermostats to save energy.

On the way home I have just forgotten that I can control my radiators via smartphone now on the way, so that it is already pleasantly warm when I enter the apartment.This new possibility, however, I quickly internalized.

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