Sleek Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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Logitech ® Keys-To-Go is a super sleek Bluetooth ® keyboard which is meganemt to handle and can be stored and be taken anywhere. It weighs nothing, it is nice to write on and wipe off so you can in any case come to your voice.


Ultra Transportable

Keys-To-Go-the keyboard is really easy to have it thin and light design means that you can have it with you anywhere and all the time. You can put it in the bag; put it in between the pages of a magazine, in your jacket pocket or even in the beach bag.

Durable and water repellent

Durable fabric skin-coating protects keypad against dirt and liquid waste so there fails to settle the crumbs stuck between the keys, like liquid can be wiped off without problems. When the accident is out, it doesn’t cause damage Keys-To-Go can keep to be lost and therefore be used both indoors and out.


Bluetooth ® keyboard with iOS-shortcuts and ample space between keys

The built-in Bluetooth ® keyboard has iOS-shortcuts and ample space between keys so you get a familiar, fast and accurate typing experience


Rechargeable battery with a lifespan of 3 months

The rechargeable battery will last for three months * and an indicator indicates when it is running low.

Based on a 2-hour daily use on average.

The box contains

  • Portable keyboard
  • USB cable for recharging
  • User manual
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty