Skype on Android, Galaxy S Best Seller, N8 Breaks Records. The Best of The Week in Xatakamovil

Varied week which we leave behind, with Nokia appearing more and more in the headlines, while the hegemony of Android remains untouchable. The main character this time has been Samsung Galaxy S, which has reached astronomical five million units sold.

As usual Sunday, paella with family and post highlights of the best of the week in Xatakamovil.

Terminals: we are still dreaming of the Nokia N9

Why hide it, whenever I see this photo of the Nokia N9 imagine myself starring in a scene from Futurama where Fry was going to buy a mobile phone with the hand full of tickets shouting “shut up and take my money!”. Somewhat more moderate have been statements by Eldar Murtazin, which if proven mobile and said that its hardware close to perfection.

This week has also astonished us with his brother, the contemporary Nokia N8, whose innards are the most robust of his generation. Don’t miss breaking Guinness records big and tiny, the most voted news of the week by our readers.

This week it has landed in Spain LG Optimus One, the top card from a deck of LG bets by Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphones with their own services. Take a look at our first impressions; throughout the week that we’ll discuss in detail.

We talked about other fresh out the oven and with QWERTY keyboard Android: Samsung Galaxy 551, Motorola Droid Pro and Motorola Spice. For its part, although it is not a phone Sony Ericsson Liveview draws us much attention, and this week we have known that it will reach the market in November for 59 euros.

Systems: stores application in times of war

In the operating systems section we highlight two developments regarding app stores, a battle that Apple is gaining waiting for the competition to teach teeth.

This week Nokia has done the same with an aggressive rebate to the developers of the Ovi Store: publish applications of lifetime in Symbian costs only 1 euro. For its part, the Amazon Android app store is on a roll.

More news related to systems:

  • services begin to operate
  • We know some details about bada 1.2
  • Bad news for MeeGo: suffers major and Google talk to Nokia
  • We could have the first Samsung Windows Phone 7 on October 21

Applications: Skype, finally on Android