Should Apple Deny Access to the Authorities?[VOTE]

Is it okay when Apple refuses to create a backdoor to the iPhone? Or should Apple bowing to the requirements of the competent authority? What do you think?

The California-based tech giant Apple, has arrived in the US authorities ‘ attention after the company has refused to create a backdoor to their iPhones. Specifically requested the United States authorities access to an iPhone 5 c which belongs to Syed Farook, the one man behind San Bernardino terrorist attack.

In the wake of the Apple boss Tim Cook retsordren wrote an open letter in which he defends the need for encryption of the many personal information a smartphone. 

The letter points out Tim Cook, Apple would be forced to create a back door in the iPhone’s operating system in order to comply with the American authorities ‘ requirements-an action that would compromise the whole iOS-the security of the system and increases the risk of abuse.

Below you can see the 3 requirements from the Federal Police:

  1. Bypass or remove automatic deletion of the iPhone regardless of whether the feature is on or off
  2. Apple must provide passwords to access over Lightning-port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other possible connection protocols.
  3. Access to the device must be unhindered by waiting times besides them as hardware dictates.

What do you think? Is it okay to Apple is refusing to give the authorities the possibility of full access to the iPhone via a back door?