Sanction of 3.1 Million Euros to Vodafone Not Apply by Default The Eurotariff

Vodafone is going to get expensive to not apply by default the Eurotariff, the maximum price that the European Commission requires operators that apply to their customers when they travel outside the country but within the European borders, and that they have gone down gradually during the last years.

It was at the end of 2012 when Vodafone launched its first rates Base and network, in which by default the operator applied to all users by default bonus minutes, messages, and data when using your mobile phone in a European country, practice that kept according to the CNMC for seven months and that it has ended a major sanction.

With the exchange rates that the operator carried out Vodafone in November 2012 imposed by default that its rates Base and network clients have default with speech and sail in Europe, than by 4.84 USD a day would offer its users 20-minute calls, 20 SMS and 20 MB per day non-cumulative, can always choose the user invoked the Eurotariff but having that request it expressly.

Just the fact that Vodafone apply default bonus calls, messages and data instead of the Eurotariff, as stated, from November 2012 until June 2013 It made him worthy of the opening of a dossier by the CMT that now the CNMC has closed with a fine of € 3.1 million, exceeding two million euros initially raised.

The CNMC considered the facts as a very serious infringement, being forced operators to apply the Eurotariff by default, and it has even indicated that thanks to its Vodafone policy He earned a 128% higher gross income that would have obtained from applying the regulated rate, what makes you deserving millionaire fine according to the controller.