Samsung Unveils the Galaxy Tab 2 of 7 “

While companies like Motorola, Acer or Sony timidly entered the tablet market, the Korean Samsung decided to bet much higher.

There are so many devices that confuse the consumer.Starting with a 4-inch and up to your 10.1 “tablet.

Just in the range of the 7-inch handsets Samsung has already released a four.I say “some” because I have not been able to find out how many.

I explain: the Brazilian Galaxy Tab, for example, is the only one in the world to come with TV.Analog and digital.

The main difference of the new Galaxy 7 “compared to previous models is in its price.$ 250.Not bad!

It was the formula found by Samsung to distance itself from the competition with the iPad, and position itself in a range close to Amazon’s Kindle Fire ($ 199) and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet ($ 250).

Larger and heavier

Of course, to get such a competitive price, Samsung had to give up many “pampering”.Starting with its base, consisting of a matte gray plastic instead of aluminum, present in top-of-the-line tablets.

Even so, there remains the good old model, such as an SD card slot to add 32GB of storage.

It was a bit more “fat”, it’s true: 10.4mm, against 9.9mm of the model Tab 7 “Plus, or 7.85mm of Tab 7.7.It does not represent a big difference, even though users do not give so much importance to the thickness, as was proven with the launch of the iPad 3. The weight also increased a little.

But compared to the new rival Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, Tab 2 it is thinner and lighter.

“Common” screen

Anyone who has had the opportunity to see the screen of an iPad 3 working may be a little disappointed with the TTF 1024 x 800 screen of Tab 2. The text is much more serrated.Its screen also loses in quality to the Super AMOLED Plus 1280 x 800 screen in Tab 7.7.

But let’s be fair:compared to tablet screens of the same price range, Tab 7 is one of the best.

Android 4.0 improves performance

Even with a screen below Tab 7.7, the new Tab 7 “offsets” this shortcoming by offering Android 4.0.Compared to previous versions, it is much smoother in scrolling the screens.And more reliable too.

Android still suffers from minor crashes, but much less now in version 4.0.The screen spinning has gotten faster, but it loses ugly for the iPad.

Otherwise, Android 4.0 has improved a lot.Especially in rendering web pages and zooming.Not to mention the improved interface, now with a much more beautiful and intuitive layout.

What also helps is the interface of Samsung, called TouchWiz, which offers some extra functions, such as a quick access to the menus.

Apps are still few

A chronic flaw in Ice Cream Sandwich is still the lack of apps to run on tablets.Supply has increased, but remains small.

Not that you can not use an application that was originally made for smartphones;But, let’s agree, no one wants to see huge empty spaces.

Until Samsung tries to improve this, by installing a few apps.But you can do that too.Highlight the DropBox and its 50GB of free storage for the owners of Tab 2 for a year.

There is also Peel, which turns the tablet into a universal remote control.