Samsung-Smartwatches Can Soon Identify You from Your Veins

A new Samsung patent reveals that the company smartwatches in the future can confirm authenticity of you by swiping your veins.

Samsung may have a new innovative idea in the making: the reading of your veins as a new biometric security measure.

It sounds like something futuristic, and it is perhaps also, for it is so far only an approval in respect of a patent application from Samsung, which reveals the wild idea. It writes the website our site.

The concept is actually quite simple. On the agency side there is placed a sensor-probably with infra-red light-can read your veins on the surface where blood vessels are more prominent.

Just like you with a fingerprint reader on the smart phone first must learn to know your fingerprints, your phone must first be learned by this new technology also ejermanden.


When it is done, the ejermandens veins all the time be kept up against the veins that can be read on the person wearing the watch – and it will therefore be a way to make it clear whether it is the owner or any unauthorized person who wears the watch – exactly like someone else’s fingerprints can not unlock your smartphone if you have it enabled.

Just as Samsung demonstrates on one of the above pictures it will be able to use to verify the owner, before trying to get access to sensitive personal information such as e-mail messages.
However, do not expect that the technology comes to unclean right away. There wont always go for a good time before such ideas from patent applications find their way into consumer products-and it is far from certain that it does it. In this case, there is also a high probability that it will be in a modified/improved form than the one documented at this early stage.