Samsung Gear 360: Cheap All-Around Camera

Samsung’s all-round camera gear 360 is suitable for entry into the world of the 360-degree films. You scores with a comparatively low price, ease of use and the connection to other products of the manufacturer, such as about the Smart phone Galaxy S series or the virtual-reality Gear VR glasses.

The first Samsung gear 360 2016 presented about a year later is the successor to Samsung gear 360 (2017) in the House. Whose idea was carried out together with the launch of the new Smart phone flagship Galaxy S8.

Samsung gear 360 (2016)

This first version of gear 360 2016 presented within the framework of the MWC. You filmed with maximum 3,840 × 1,920 pixels, and thus not the 4 k resolution, providing the 2017er successor. All information about the Samsung gear 360 (2016) you can find in our test: Samsung gear 360 in the test: 360-degree camera with disabilities following SECURITYpology.

Price 349 euros according to Samsung, but now clearly fallen.

Samsung gear 360 (2017): Now with 4K-Videos and live streaming

The revised Samsung gear 360 can record videos with 4,096 × 2,048 pixels – the producer speaks here of “true 4 k resolution”, at a frame rate of 24 FPS. Two 8.4-megapixel sensors on both sides, whose fish-eye shooting are combined to a 360-degree view are responsible. Compared to the 2016er model, the handle has been revised in the new version, this is now more ergonomic, the weight of the camera is 130 grams (2016: 153 grams). Capacity is stored on microSD cards with up to 256 GB. The resolution for photos is down to 15 MP, the previous shot here with 30 MP. The battery capacity is decreased slightly and is 1,160 mAh, which should be compensated by a higher efficiency but.

For the 360-degree shots can be live streamed, as on Facebook or YouTube. It is commendable that significantly more compatible devices to choose from are available as yet for the previous. A proper Smart phone allows you to easily show what the camera just takes up to five different views available. Following smart phones can be connected with the Samsung gear 360 (2017): Galaxy S8, S8 of the Galaxy plus, S7, S7 edge, note 5, S6 edge +, S6, S6 edge, A5 (2017), A7 (2017), iPhone 7, 7 plus, 6S, 6S plus, SE. The connection to computer with macOS or Windows is also possible.

The Samsung gear 360 (2017) is available since end of April 2017 for 249 euro.

Samsung gear 360 (2016) vs. gear 360 (2017): comparison specifications

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