Samsung Galaxy X

While Apple with the iPhone X supposedly heralds the future, but warms up into basically only from the Android store known technologies and concepts, Samsung is preparing, to bring out the first foldable Smartphone with the so called Galaxy X. This was foreseeable given persistent rumors, but nevertheless would represent a small revolution.

Samsung Galaxy X: expects us

So far, details about the Galaxy X are scarce, dine but from a steady stream of rumors. In particular to the release, there are various statements. First traded 2017 as the starting year for the foldable Smartphone. According to chronologicalwatches, the Samsung missed a shock by the official roadmap for the coming years such a device more towards 2019 communicated. In view of the ambitious iPhone X, Samsung-mobile-chef Koh Dong saw-jin but compelled to make the presentation for 2018 in Vista-if “some issues” can be solved by then.

Galaxy X: release already 2018?

However, it is unclear how the first release will look like. Conceivable is that Samsung completed first swimming attempts with limited numbers , in order to obtain initial feedback – so the Group proceeded touch, the first Smartphone with edge display, already in the Galaxy that paved the way for the later Galaxy S6 edge. In this respect 2018 also only a limited release for the purpose of prestige could take place before 2019, as once planned, the mass-grade product appears-that would cover himself with the statement of the Chief Engineer at Samsung, in whose eyes technology probably not mature before 2019 would be.

Samsung had this idea of a foldable Tablet years ago:

Whether reduced or global release, Samsung will present 2018 likely after something in the way. Suggest several appearances at regulatory agencies . There are hardly any further information about the technical equipment, it is only clear that the screen will be the showpiece of the Smartphone. Is likely a Panel solve 4 K. A look at older ideas and concepts from the field shows how the foldable device might look like.

Whatever the Galaxy X is open in any form, it is likely to shake the Smartphone market and put an end to the boring spec race – although rimless 18:9-display constituted a significant, important innovation.