Samsung Galaxy S7:4 Smartphones You Also Should Consider

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is a deserving top scorer who convinces on all fronts-but nevertheless, there are several good alternatives you should consider.

With the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Korean company has taken an excellent starting point, Galaxy S6, beefed up here and improved there-resulting in one of the best Android phones ever.

But before you run down to your local telecom store to spend about five-and-a-half thousand dollars on the glory, we mean here on our site that there are more smartphones you also should consider.

You therefore get our bids on including the best alternatives for the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Big Brother-Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Larger battery, larger display and sexy design with Edge-features – so short can differences between s7 and S7 Edge are summarized by SHOPAREVIEW.

You get all the benefits from Samsung S7, the powerful processor, the waterproof outer and the excellent camera in a package that is not much larger, in spite of a regular phablet screen on 5.5 inch.

The cheap-Samsung Galaxy S6

You can quickly let themselves be deceived by the news of Samsung Galaxy S7 and forget that its predecessor, the Galaxy S6 remains an excellent smartphone.

Here you also get a powerful camera, lots of muscles in the processor and a razor-sharp 5.1 inch display – on the other hand, you can save over two thousand crowns at to settle for less.

The eternal rival-Apple iPhone 6S

Apple’s most popular mobile is not Denmark’s most popular smartphone without reason. It is beautiful, stronger than ever and it is reliable.

At the same time, hear it to the smallest phones on the market that can boast of top performance and advanced features such as 3D Touch or a capable camera.

Swear you not necessarily to the Android operating system is therefore an additional iPhone look worth.

The Alternative-LG G5

Last option requires a little patience, because LG’s latest toptelefon, LG G5, do not smoke in the trade prior to the month of april. Another element of uncertainty is the price which is currently not lit, but which is considered to be in the same layer as the Samsung Galaxy S7.

However, you can wait a little longer, you will be rewarded with one of the most interesting phones from the company for a long time, since it offers a larger screen as well as a delicious and unique design, where the phone can be reinforced with either a camera or a Hi-Fi module.