Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. Washing Machine-Who’s Winning? [VIDEO]

One bold YouTuber exposes its Galaxy S7 for a spin in the washing machine. See how well the Samsung Galaxy S7 is doing here.

One of the biggest news in Samsung’s latest S-Mobile is its ability to resist water damage. The ability, however, was put on a sample of a YouTube-blogger Max Lee, when he challenged his Galaxy S7 to cope with a trip in a LG washing machine.

In the video are S7’eren exposed to a whole washing program at 45 minutes, including a centrifuge program. Only protection for your phone is a transparent plastic cover, there certainly have been granted some form of protection during centrifugation.

The tortured S7 slips through washing the trip unscathed, with both microphone and speakers that operate on the torment.

Thus think Galaxy S7 to live up to IP 68 manufacturer certification and more, as the only guarantee that your phone can survive a half hour in 1 ½ meters depth.

To exactly this Samsung S7’er copes with the must, however, is no guarantee that your own S7’er will survive a vasketur. Therefore, it can only be discouraged from here, to try to repeat the experiment.

This is not the first time that Samsung’s latest phones will be tested on the durability.

In the previous week, was it the insurance company SquareTrade, who performed a strip of water and shock tests with S7 and S7 Edge.