Samsung Galaxy S7: Prices and Date for Pre-Order Now out

A new rumor reveals prices on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as well as the date when you can pre-order them. Samsung will be ready with a hot deal.

Rumors of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7-top model is intensifying day by day up to the event on Sunday 21 February, where the phone will be published ahead of Mobile World Congress 2016.

Now it is reported from several sources to the Dutch website, Android worldthat Samsung already will open up for pre-orders are of Galaxy S7 immediately after its publication, so Sunday the 21st. February.

In addition, these sources also confirm rumours two weeks agothat sounded on that Galaxy S7 will be launched in Europe on Friday, 11. March. However, it is not everything. According to the website should also be ready with some of the Samsung a quote in the pre-order period.

From the 21. February to June 10. March-the day before it becomes available-will you supposedly get a free Samsung Gear VR-spectacle with, so you can try virtual reality technology on their own. Virtual reality gives a unique insight in e.g. games, since your entire field of vision is covered by a 3D-like image from your smartphone, while recorded movements from sensors.

With a price here in Denmark at just below 1,000 dollars, it must certainly be said to be something of a deal, as Samsung has found.

Here are the prices at Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

As if it wasn’t going to be enough is the Dutch side also came in possession of the alleged prices on Samsung Galaxy S7 and edge-variant, which is expected to be launched at the same time with.

Galaxy S7 will cost € 699, according to the sources, while Galaxy S7 edge – not surprisingly – will be slightly more expensive, with a price tag of € 799. For comparison had Galaxy S6 the same suggested retail price, which means that for the 32 GB variant 5,499 crowns are very likely.

The cheapest Galaxy S6 edge-variant with 32 GB of internal storage space landed in the Danish shop shelves with a price of $ 6,499 crowns. Galaxy S7 edge surprisingly, is expected to be € 50 cheaper, so the price will probably be located in the vicinity of 6,099-6,199 crowns. It is of course not confirmed prices from Samsung, so take this information with a grain of salt, as it always should be made with those rumors.