Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gets 1. Space in DxOMarks Camera Test

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the smartphone that has the best camera right now. Here’s how it sounds after the website DxOMark has tested the new top.

There are fallen verdict on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge on the DxOMark website recognized as doing in-depth tests of both regular cameras and smartphone cameras.

It was already a little in the air, as assessed on the basis of the many first impressions, there have been of the camera in Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, and therefore it might not come as a great surprise that Samsung Galaxy S7 edge now is the new smartphone on top of the leaderboard with a

Dxomark has credited Samsung Galaxy S7 edge around the 88 out of 100 possible points, and this has never happened before. Closest to is last year’s Samsung Gaaxy S6 edge + and Sony Xperia Z5, so what is it that makes the new Galaxy S7 it little bit better?

As always DxOMarks tests are divided into, respectively, photographs and video footage. On the photo portion is particularly good and precise exposure and contrast at 90/100 points that contribute to the upscale location. Detajlegraden also get the Roses along the way-both in daylight and under poor lighting, where the noise level is held down under all lighting conditions.

Most positive is DxOMark of auto focus in Galaxy S7 edge, which is both fast and accurate in all lighting conditions. Finally, the LED flash is also a good job with that bright motives up without other light sources.Here ensures a good white balance, high detail and correct colors.

The camera is of course not flawless, and that is why the criticism that there is seen a distinct warm or yellowish discoloration by indoor lighting from incandescent lamps. By designs with very dynamic colors (such as white clouds behind a dark cityscape), they can easily become overexposed white clouds.

This means that Samsung Galaxy S7 therefore overall get 88 out of 100 points in photography, which is identical to Galaxy S6 edge + and Sony Xperia Z5.

Video recording: excellent auto focus and stabilization

It is on the video portion, that Samsung Galaxy S7 runs from competitors. Here it is again auto focus technology, that surprises, as follows objects safely and without obvious shift in focus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is also equipped with optical image stabilization, and it is also good for Samsung has managed to keep the picture stable under video footage, sounds both video stabilisation and auto focus are called excellent by in the test. Last but not least, it is especially the noise level – or lack thereof – even in the dark, that pulls the Galaxy S7 edge up in the video portion of the whole 94/100 points.

However, there are also a few things that pull down, and it is, among other things, that foreshadowed artifacts as well as to the very finest detail will be lost during poor lighting.

On the video portion gets Samsung Galaxy S7 edge thus same result on 88 points, and it gives so – not surprisingly – an overall score of 88 points and is therefore, according to DxOMark the smartphone with the best camera for the time being.

Do you agree the results as DxOMArk is arrived at? Finally, take a look at the pictures, which are laid out in the test and give your opinion.