Samsung Galaxy S6 to S7-Should I Upgrade?

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy A6 or S6 Edge and considering upgrading? Here’s what you can look forward to in a uopgradering.

Latest mobile screams from Samsung, the two topmobiler Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, sharing much with last year’s mobile hits the S6 and S6 Edge.

Therefore, it can be difficult to lure, whether or not the upgrade whatsoever is money-a decision which can be an expensive pleasure, if not the watchman S7’s benefits high.

Read therefore with including, where outweigh the pros and cons and assesses the extent to which S7 is an upgrade worth.

Design – more of the same

Samsung Galaxy S6, and especially Galaxy S6 Edge, set a new standard for how a mobile phone should be cut. Therefore, it is not surprised since S6 Edge ran with the far, the vast majority of votes in the crowning of this year’s design by Sportsqna.

It is probably for the same reason that Samsung has not changed very much synder in designed in S7 and S7 Edge – design keeps still.

Instead, most of the design forces seem to be spent on making mobile easier to deal with and to make it waterproof.

The sides now bows slightly, so that it will be easier to hold in your hand. The fingerprint reader works much better, while the edges have been made narrower. S7’eren fills the now no longer so much and S7 Edge takes the opportunity to offer a 0.4 “bigger screen.

Where the improved ergonomics am from day to day, is the waterproof treatment more valid as an insurance policy. This means not that great in everyday life – but when it is needed, it is invaluable.

New features – not the big news

With only subtle improvements to the S7 brings Samsung table, compared to the previous generation.

The most obvious difference will be to find in it always lighted display that can display information such as clock or messages.

In practice, it is Alway-On ‘ feature ‘, however, is not particularly useful, as it swallows up a noticeable chunk of operating time, and does not work in interaction with third-party notifications.

Edge features have been richer, but the ones you get, as S6 Edge-owner, also benefit from, for those deploying together with Android Marshmallow update.

Performance: enjoy the larger battery

Processor in S7-families are up to date, but since Samsung S6 is a long way from being a listless affair, most people will see the big difference.

The only exception will be mobilgamere, who can look forward to longer operating time during game sessions homework and support of Vulcan – a program interface that game developers can use to pull better graphic performance out of the processor.

Biggest news in the engine room, however, is not in the mechanics, it is in the battery as in S7 is 18% and in S7 Edge is 38 percent than that of the predecessors. This results in an improved lifespan where you can count on 24 hours a day and a half in S7 button S7 Edge for almost two whole days.

S7’eren accommodates finally a potential downgrade in the storage space. It is now available only with 32 GB onboard, unlike S6’eren which peaks at 128 GB.

This makes Samsung in temporary remedy by offering a micro-SD slot in Samsung Galaxy S7, where you can extend the storage space by up to 200 GB through a micro-SD card.


Camera – Better than expected

With S7 Samsung has scaled down the camera from 16 to 12 megapixels. On paper it is a degradation, but in practice delivers the new, more advanced sensor with a sharper lens, just as many details as before.

At the same time, Samsung this time finely tuned focus so that it now responds to both faster and safer than before.

In the dark you can also expect to get better photos than previously with S7, since both the lens and the sensor is optimized to get more light into the spectrograph relationship.

A final advantage of Samsung Galaxy S7 is that the camera now no longer protrude as much out of the back as before. Thus optics should be better protected than in the past.

It with the price

It probably comes as no surprise, but the S7 and S7 Edge is so better than its predecessor on virtually all imaginable points.

It should also be for the fair price is 2 to 2 ½ thousand kroner higher for the two S7 variants. At the same time, you must count on a loss of value by brugtsalg of Samsung S6 or S6 Edge.

An upgrade to Galaxy S7 can therefore run up into small three-thousand dollars, by a disposal of your existing A6 or S6 Edge.

In the end, you must therefore assess whether the improvements in S7 is extra Bill worth. Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed, both for S6 and S7 are excellent phones – both now and in the future.